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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here's what's stampin' in 2015!

Create this fun Card Kit at the August CARD CAFE (see date below).
Cafe fee is $15 to create FIVE CARDS
order the entire ensemble (as seen above) by email
Ordering participants MUST ORDER BY FRIDAY, JULY 24.

All other Class Kits are available by mail when requested at least two days prior to the class date.


August 2015 Stampin’ Calendar









Ministry Monday 9am



September 2015 Stampin’ Calendar













Ministry Monday 9am


RSVP and preregistration is required for all stamping events. Payment can be mailed to Kelly. Refunds due to early cancellation are available until three days before event dates.  

Open Stamp Night is THREE HOURS of your very own creative stamping time.  This is YOUR NIGHT of creativity.  Just $5 allows you access to ALL of Kelly’s exclusive stamp sets, tools, and templates as well as thousands of samples (bring your camera!). Kelly will even treat you to a fun little FREE MAKE & TAKE!  

Card Cafes are open to EVERYONE and every paper crafting level of experience. Create FOUR FUN MAKE & TAKE items while attending. Card Cafes are just $15 OR FREE when you place a $25 order. All supplies are included in the cafe fee.

SCHEDULE YOUR OWN CARD CAFE... When you schedule your very own CARD CAFE, you receive gifts along with the four Make & Take items created at the CARD CAFE. Invite your friends or keep it more intimate and simply stamp with Kelly on your own (she loves having company!). Most scheduled CARD CAFEs are held at Coffee Crossing on Charlestown Rd but can be held at the location of your choice when you schedule. Stamp at your church, school, local restaraunt... you choose!  Qualifying CARD CAFE hosts receive a FIVE DOLLAR DISCOUNT!!!
Ministry Mondays is always the last Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) at Coffee Crossing in New Albany.  Come help us create greeting cards and memory albums for Hospice of Southern IN as well as local churches and charities in the area.  This is a FREE event!  Please RSVP.

Visit “Always Stampin’” at http://alwaysstampin.blogspot.com for photos of class projects and more details.   

To register for any of these classes or to schedule a Card Cafe of your own, contact...
Kelly Gettelfinger, Stampin’ Up! Manager               (812) 246-1964               kellyjeanstamps@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wynne's "Garden is In Bloom" this Wednesday

I think I can finally put my life back together
now that the whirlwind of HS graduation is totally over!
We have just one more graduation party and that will be IT!
Isn't our "Photo Booth" frame freaking fun?!
You will definitely want to check back soon for
all of the fun pics we took of Wynne's graduation decorations.
From banners galore to an adorable photo booth
(I like to call it the "Smile Station"...you'll find out why)
 this place was decked out in total "Wynne vintage style!""

Today's Wynne Wednesday card (#10)
features the brand stampin' new stamp set
"Garden in Bloom."
OH how I adore this set!!!
It has a watercolor look to it so there's
no need to do anything but STAMP IT!
Ya gotta love that!

I chose my favorite CAS layout of all times.
I truly love this layout for CAS cards
because most of my CAS cards are CAS cards
for the simple fact that they are intended to be
When I am in a super duper hurry,
this is my "go to layout."

Simply stamp all around the edges of a
piece of neutral card stock
(Whisper White, Very Vanilla, etc.)
For this card, I used
Wisteria Wonder
Pink Pirouette
Pear Pizzaz
Marina Mist
Hello Honey
and Basic Gray.

Fill up those edges!
I mean REALLY fill them up.
But be sure to leave the center of the
card stock as open as possible
(this will depend on the size of your images.)
Finally, either stamp a phrase image or greeting
directly into the open white space in the center OR
create a punched sentiment as I did on todays

I just had to zoom in on my ribbon...
check out that literal spun gold
(no, not really)!
Didn't Stampin' Up! do a great job picking out
this beautiful embellishment for us to play with?!!!
It's so pretty and adds such a beautiful touch
IRL (In Real Life).
You HAVE to have you some!

Zip in to my ONLINE STORE today
and grab all the items you need to create this
gorgeous and super duper easy card...

Garden in Bloom

Gold Metallic Thread

Thanks for visiting!
I hope your summer has been as relaxing
as mine is about to be, wink!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #9

OM... this may very well be my fave
card so far!
No... that can't be... I seriously can't pick a fave!
See, that is what I love about Paper Arts-
when you make something with
someone in particular in mind,
it's difficult not to fall in love with your art
because of the love you have for its recipient.
If you are a Paper Artist,
you know it's true!
And if you are a Paper Artist Wannabe,
I can prove it to you with the help of a bit of cocoa
and some ink, stamps, and paper :)

Seriously, contact me today...


Just like last week's
I used images from Reverse Confetti
(link in last week's post).

How do ya like my sun?!!!
Isn't she just A... DOR... A... BLE?!
I used the 2-3/8" SCALLOP CIRCLE PUNCH
from Stampin' Up! and simply
fussy cut away some of the scallops.
My tiny cloud was create using the
and my big cloud was made with the
All of these items can be purchased from my

I sure hope you're having a creative day!
Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #8


How cute is that little bumble bee and hive from

My honeycomb paper is a digital find
I snatch up from Etsy at PixelGardenDesign.
I had it printed by
(I love love love Persnickety!!!).

And does that little tree limb
just make you want to absolutely smile?!
It was created with the brand spankin' new
from Stampin' Up!.
You can order it today in my
Use item #138295
and then be sure and check out the adorable
"Sprinkles of Life"
which coordinates with the punch!
SO stinkin' cute, right?!!!

This super cute, super fun card
 will be one of the very first I send to my gal.
Preacher read my gal's "advice to freshmen"
at her Baccalaureate Mass and it went a little like this...
"Be you. Make friends quickly and then do things with others.
In the words of JoJo... 'You have brains in your head
and feet in your shoes, you can go most anywhere you choose.'"
Excellent advice if I do say so myself :)

Thanks for visiting today and
here's wishing you a day you can just


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #7

As I create this post and schedule it for my next
I am taking a break from the grad parties and
the party planning and the senior events and
all the hoopla going on around me.
My baby girl graduates tomorrow!

People act like they are just amazed at
how well I am "keeping it together."
I can't help but giggle when they say this
or when they ask if I am alright.
I will admit... I am a cry-er... happy... sad...
I'm not choose-y, HA!
There are just certain things that really tug at my heart.
And if I have to SPEAK about something
that tugs at my heart... just forget it!
You might as well buy stock in a tissue company!

But with all of my baby girl's "lasts,"
I really haven't felt the need to "lose it."
I keep thinking I will... but then it just doesn't come.
It's when I am alone in my studio and
and out of the blue... not even thinking about anything
that my tears flow with relenting fervor.
What the hexagon?!
I don't even feel like I'm crying about
my baby girl... I'm just crying!
It feels like it's the dumbest thing.

I'm not crying about all of the amazing "lasts"
because she has an even more amazing "first"
to come our way soon and THAT is when I know
this mum is going to open the flood gates!
Her college is so far away and
that is going to just drive me a bit insane!

So my Wynne Wednesdays are just as much
encouragement for my gal as they are
therapy for ME :)

My WW card today features
some super cute images by
and was totally inspired
by the very gorgeous

I used Copics to color my images and
STAMPIN' UP!'s Happy Heart embossing folder.

I think this one should perk up my gal's day
once she's far far away!
(Pitty me only for my poor rhyming and
not for my pitiful dread for the future, HA!)

Thanks for visiting!
Even if you don't stamp,
consider sending someone (or someoneS)
a card on a regular basis.
Let's say... you decide to send someone -anyone-
a card... every Monday or maybe even
just once a month... say the first Monday of the month
so it's super easy to remember.
I dare ya!
You're going to be amazed at the joy
you will bring... not only to someone else's soul
but to your very own :)
Should you decide to take me up on my advice,
I'd love for you to comment back here
and let me know the outcome of
your newest adventure.
Go on now... mark your calendar!
Either make a few cards or
purchase some at the store...
or order them from ME...
I am more than happy to help you with this challenge!
And then... MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Sunshine doesn't "just" happen...
Praise the Lord!

Chat with you next time!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of School Treats


So this happened this morning...

Ya know, I love what I do and I love to share what I love.
Sometimes I make up reasons to give special little
paper hugs :)
Most of the time, there's no need to come up
with a reason since there is always (ALWAYS)
something to CELEBRATE!
Wouldn't you agree?!

Obviously, the last day of school is
one of those days when you just have to

Created in just a bit more than ten minutes,
these cards host my favorite memories of the past school year...

The one above was for my son.
I used Extreme Motorcycle and So Cool,
both retired images from Stampin' UP!,
and one of my fave BG (also retired).
When I need a masculine teen card,
these are my "go-to" images.
They are SO fun and make creating a card SO EASY!

This card was for my daughter.
I decided to use a BEE image to wrap up her
HS career as well as kick off her departure for college.
The BEE will be her mascot at SCAD University.

The bees and hive image is from
And the Scripture is from ODBD.

Inside each card I added my fave memories
from the past school year.
There were plenty to choose from as it's been a great year!
But I decided not to think too hard and just choose
the first few that came quickly to mind.
I figured if they stood out well enough to
come that quickly, they must be some of my top fave.
Obviously, the more recent experiences popped up.
I added those also.
It actually took me longer to write my notes
than it did to CREATE THE CARDS!

And what is a special card without a special treat?!!!

I love shopping the day after big holidays!
The best treats and goodies can be found
and then used as special gifts of encouragement.

So Easter candy along with my kids' notes were
placed in their car seats this morning before they awoke.
How fun! Right?!
I heard my daughter squeal when she opened her card door
and my son did the coolish "Cool" so I knew he loved it.

Go ahead! Be creative today and make someone's day!
Don't think too much about it.
Do what you know.
Use the supplies that are close at hand.
It doesn't have to be fancy
to make someone feel special.

And if you'd like to know more about this
"stampin' thing," just contact me
and I will show you really and truly
how EASY (and oh-so fun) it is!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #6

How stinkin' cute... or maybe I should say
how "stinGin'" cute is that little bumble bee?!!!

As you know (if you follow),
today is my Wynne Wednesday which means the card
I feature is one created with on of the following focal points...

a bee
a bike
a butterfly
a telephone.

These are the greetings I plan to send my daughter,
Wynne, after she is away at college.

For the most part, I am a SU! kind of gal.
Stampin' Up! has everything (I mean EVERYTHING)
I could want or need as a Paper Artist.
Having said that, there are some images which
SU! can't carry every single year or all of the time.
For those images (such as my little bees and things),
I look to other amazing stamp manufacturers.

So for the card you see here,
everything is from Stampin' Up! except the images.
The hearts and super cute bee are from
And the telephone and verse are from
Check out more info about these vendors
in yesterday's Sneak Peak post.


On a more personal note...
I just have to share how down in the dumps I've been lately. I always hate sharing about my times of blue-ness. Let's face it... it's kinda personal, right?! And so personal things are difficult to share with just anybody (not that I think YOU are "just" anybody... you are my amazing visitor for which I am SO greatly appreciative!!!).

But really, for the most part I believe most people think it may be a bit inappropriate to share personal "stuff" via social media. Most people probably believe there's no reason to "air our dirty laundry..." hmmm... seems like I've chatted about "hanging out our laundry" or something like that somewhere around HERE.

Anywho... what if we don't have anyone we can share with... no sisters... no mum... no mother-in-law... no true blue/share those secrets with kind of friends... etc.? Who do we talk to when we feel that aching need to just spill the beans... or cry for help? Sometimes I just want to type it all out just to get it off my chest and out of my mind. So I figure I will just blog about it... then I think again... and I consider the whole "personal stuff" thing and the "dirty laundry" thing and I chicken out.

Just like I'm doing now. HA.

Crazy, right?! I don't have anyone I can chit chat with and so when I feel blue about something in particular, ugh... it really eats at me. If you visit often and if you happen to read my ramblings, you know that I am very good about taking my problems to the cross... believe you me! I take my loneliness to the cross daily! Where would I be without my true BFF, Jesus Christ?!

But I am still stuck with these crappy incessant feelings of loneliness. I won't sugarcoat it for anyone... faith is not "do this and that will happen." Sometimes faith is "do this... and then wait... sometimes for absolutely nothing other than the assurance of your heavenly home."

Isn't that enough... my heavenly home? It is. For me, anyways. So I pick myself up on my blue days and I choose to look for those rays of yellow... "from whence cometh my Help (Psalm 121.)" I move on until the next blue day. Still... I wish some of you and me could sit face to face, share a cup of cocoa, and really mix our beans... oh what a yummy pot it would be, right?! Right.

Before I say "have a creative day..." if you pray, please add to your prayers my sweetest cousin (no names mentioned) as she recently attempted suicide. Praise the Lord, she did not succeed. She was physically hurt thought. There is much healing needed. This is NOT the very thing causing my blue-ness lately... but her poor decision brought to a full point why we all need someone to talk to from time to time... someone who REALLY cares and doesn't just say, "you can talk to me anytime" before they walk away and never check on you again. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Please know that if you feel the desire to even THINK about suicide as my cousin did... PLEASE CONTACT ME or call 1-800-NEED HIM. I may be blue... but I am a true blue source of help who will point you directly to our only Source of HOPE. I mean it... contact me... kellyjeanstamps@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting... and for reading my ramblings. Have a creative day... regardless of how you spend it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sneak Peak...

Here's a little "sneak peak" into
tomorrow's WW#5.
How cute is that little bumble bee by
And how about that super pretty telephone by
("call me" from Jaded Blossom as well)

Giving a major shout out to
since the super duper sweeties at JB sent me this...

IKR?!!! How sweet!
Place an order and found this adorable set inside as well.

And telephones is one of the fun images I want to use
with my "WW" cards along with a few others
mentioned in THIS POST.

I want my girlie to remember to CALL ME...
(as often as possible... geesh yes, I'm one of those mums!)
I can't wait for her to be out on her own.
But I'm going to miss her worse than a BFF!

Check out THIS POST to see what my "WW" are all about :)

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope you have a creative day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #5

I absolutely LOVE this image!!!
How stinkin' cute and fun!
And really to be honest...
We just think we need other "stuff," right?! wink.

So once upon a time (about two months ago, HA!),
I participated in the
OM... it was so much fun!
I literally was able to visit EVERY... SINGLE... POST!
Ya, that won't happen again. sigh.
It was at a time when I was doing a bit of "waiting"
and so while I waited, I was able to jump on
and visit the oodles and oodles
of adorable coffee, tea, and cocoa posts.
It really was inspiring to see so much creativity.

Well, somewhere along the hop I discovered
She posted the ca-yootest card using the images seen here.
She was also offering blog candy... ooh la la!
So of course I commented
(cause that's what ya do, folks, if you want a chance to win)
and I literally forgot all about the candy.
Get this... I was about to purchase this set
from Jillian when... knock knock knock
(not sure how opportunity knocks in cyber space, HA!)

Yay me! hehehe

So for today's edition of my
I decided to use my lovely new
Jillian Vance Design images.

But here's the thing...
my girlie and me... we DON'T like coffee.
I know I know... please... no hissing!

What we DO LOVE, on the other cup
(get it... other "cup" instead of other "hand," hehehe)
And guess who offers the super cutest
CHOCOLATE images and die right now...

Julee Tillman and I have been long time
cyber friends and I thought it was high time
I break my SU! only mold and spread my wings
to share some Verve lovin'!
I LOVE Julee's new chocolate set and die!
Click HERE to check it out.

How do you like my Jesus card
with its "hot chocolate transformation?!"

If you have kept up with my
you will know I am making one card a week
to send to my gal while she is away at college.
I started early because I will most likely
send these cards to her more than once a week.
My intentions are to leave them blank
so that she can either save them and
remember how much she is loved and missed.
OR she can fill them up with her own lovin'
and send them to whomever she wishes.

Since my gal is attending SCAD
(Savannah College of Art and Design),
whose mascot is the BEE...
most of my card
 will have a BEE on them somewhere.
Other cards I plan to send her will be themed with
(because she and I LOVE sharing cocoa together)
(because she is so excited about having her bike on campus)
(because I want her to remember to CALL ME!)
How fun is that?!

So if you are looking for positive
(and a bit of sappy sweet)
inspiration, be sure to visit every Wednesday
when I share my lovin' for my gal with

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope you have a warm cocoa-ish feeling today!

Always stamped blessings,

Monday, May 18, 2015

Altered Keepsake Albums

I belong to a parent group called the
for my son and daughter's high school theater dept.

Each year the Back Stage Crew dedicates efforts to
fundraising in hopes of lowering the cost
of costumes for each Spring Musical cast member.
We try to reach the goal of at least 50% if not all of the cost.

It has been a true pleasure and real honor to serve
with this group of amazing parents!
I've always helped with flowers and for the past two years
I've been responsible for merchandising.
Since this is what I graduated with my BS in,
it has been a ton of fun doing it for a cause that is
near and dear to my heart... namely, my daughter :)

This year I decided to not only offer my
merchandising skills but also my Paper Arts skills.
I created ALTERED ALBUMS for the senior cast members.
And they turned out absolutely fantastic!
(...not patting myself on the back... the book does the talking!)

I found the brand new Dr. Seuss book titled
"Seussisms" which contains all sorts of
our favorite Seuss quotes from all of our
favorite Seuss books from when we were children.
Just published this year, it's fabulous!

As you can see by the top photo here in this post,
I added cast photos from the muscial
to several pages of the book.
This is quite an undertaking if you
thirteen seniors to attend to...

The floor of my studio stayed this way for several days.

A cast photo adorns the inside of the front cover.

And I created a "FLIP ALBUM"
for the inside of the back cover.

I invited parents to send me photos
of AFTER the show when family and friends
hugged and complimented their students.
These photos were included in the fun Flip Album.

To create the Flip Album seen above,
simply begin with FOUR pieces of card stock.

Trim each piece to 5-1/2" x 8-1/2".

Then leaving one piece as is,
trim all of the other pieces to measure
1/2" shorter than each other
until you have a "stair step effect."

Score each piece across the top at 3/4".

Hole punch through each and add an office fastener
(which will later be adorned with a
super cute tiny banner.)

Adhere Flip Album into book using
something super strong such as E6000. 

You should really check out all of the fun
SEUSS goodies you can purchase
at my daughter's SOCIETY6 STORE!
She is a fantastic artist and
you can find just about anything you can think of!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you have a creative day!