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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Stamping through the Scriptures: Direct to Paper

God is working
just for you.

But sometimes
it doesn't always feel that way, does it?

It's time to get up... time to move on...
time to push forward.
If you don't see purpose in your life or
the stage you are presently in right now,
it's time to remember what
Mother Teresa said and,
"Do it anyway."
(Did you know she, Mother Teresa,
struggled with her faith?
I'll save that for another devotional.
But at least be encouraged by the fact that
someone as seemingly faithful as Mother Teresa
wavered on her purpose in life.)

God has a purpose for each of us whether
we know exactly what that purpose is or not.
So stop wondering what your purpose is!
Turn your life over to Christ.
Trust your purpose over to your Heavenly Father
Move closer to God
by reading the Holy Scriptures,
by confiding in a godly friend,
by listening to an online sermon,
by settling your busy schedule and
spend some quiet time being still in prayer.

Your life has purpose!
And if you still aren't sure what that means...
then at least for today...

PUT purpose in your life today.
Pray for your choices to line up with God's will.
Ask for His gentle hand to guide you and correct you
when His will and your choices don't correspond.

Be prepared for the enemy to disguise
Father's guidance to seem like corrective criticism.
Know your Father!
Know He wants only to
guide you, direct you, and grow you.
Know also your enemy.
Know he wishes to misguide, divide, and kill...
not physically but your spirit. 

So get up! Get going!
Search the Scriptures!
Serve the Lord!
PUT PURPOSE into your life today!
And trust that the Father has called you to it.

Today's tutorial shows you how to use
the Direct to Paper technique
in your Bible Journaling.
A list of supplies can be found at the end of this post.
Be sure to watch the video tutorial HERE
or at the end of this post as well.

As you can see, I am still working with the
Watercolor Words stamp set from
Stampin' Up!
and showing you as many possibilities
with it in our Creative Bible Time as possible.
Click HERE to see all posts for

Notice in the photo above how I
MASKED the word "for"
out of the image that says, "just for you."
(refer to the first photo and this one here)
"Just You" is the perfect way to say
"more of you and less of me"
as stated in John 3:30.

Are you beginning to see why
I love the Watercolor Words stamp set?!
It's so versatile for Bible Journaling
as well as other paper art projects!

I wish you could see how sparkly and shimmery
this Specialty Washi Tape is
from page 37 of the Occasions Catalog.
It goes perfectly with my starry page!

Enjoy this tutorial video for how I
creatively journaled my starry page,
featuring the Direct to Paper technique.
Just click HERE or on the video below.

Please consider ordering any of the products
you see here from my Stampin' Up! store.
Click HERE to browse around
and be sure to
(that's the only way I get paid)

Use the following HOSTESS CODE
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Thanks for visiting!
Thanks for viewing!
Leave me a little "hi" in the comments :)
And come back soon for my next devo
with Stampin' through the Scriptures!

Click HERE to watch today's video...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Watercolor HOPE

Stampin' through the Scriptures
Day 2

If you dropped by yesterday,
you know I've started a new series titled
"Stampin' through the Scriptures."

In this series, I plan to show how to use
your Stampin' Up! stamps and products
to Bible Journal in your Creative Bible Time.

Are you familiar with Bible Journaling?
Do you Bible Journal NOW?
Are you a Stampin' Up! fan?
Do you have any SU! stamp sets and goodies?

Listen... you don't have to be a Bible journaler and
you don't have to have any product from SU!
to drop by here and still enjoy a few
tips and tidbits when it comes to Paper Arts.
I still plan on sharing lots of ideas for
card makers, memory keepers, and 
all around paper crafters as well!

Stampin' Up! products have always
made my paper arts journey
(and more affordable)
than if I went and did it all on my own.
If I had to go out and look for
"just the right images"
or find that red card stock
to match this red ink...
I would waste so much time and energy!
Everything I need for card making,
memory keeping, gift giving, AND
can all be found on my SU! website...

(click below)

Please consider investing in the products
you see for any and all of your
paper arts needs.
But really and truly consider
using the items I share with you for your own
Bible Journaling journey.

I've had SO MANY SU! loves ask me about
Bible Journaling
and how to incorporate their love of all things SU!ish.
"Stampin' through the Scriptures"
is my way of sharing what I know
about this creative tool given to us
by God Himself.

Bible Journaling helps us study God's Word
and fall in love with the Scriptures.
Bible Journaling shows us a new way to
dig deeper into the Scriptures and understand.
Bible Journaling points us to
Jesus Christ
and highlights all He has done for us.

I look forward to sharing more with you.
I hope and pray more and more of you
will visit to spur me on as well.
Please drop a little "hello" in the comments
and tell me if you are a
Bible Journaler or a Bible Journaler wannabe :)

For today's Daily Devotional, I am using the
Watercolor Words stamp set again.

Instead of recreating my Bible page
(first photo in this post),
I show you the exact same steps taken
to create my Bible Journaling page
How fun is that?!

Click HERE to watch today's tutorial of
or click on the video below.

You can see the page entry I shared in yesterday's post
and check out the finished
8" x10" Home Blessing
created in yesterday's video
(not finished in the video).

The blessings reads like this...

"Heavenly Father, May this home
be a place of happiness and health,
of contentment, generosity, and hope...
a home of creativity and kindness.
May those who visit and those who live here
know your blessings and your peace."

I can't wait to find just the right 8" x 10" frame
to put this blessing in and give it to someone I love!

Maybe I should give this beautiful piece
Stay tuned... a giveaway just may be in order :)

Have a blessed and creative day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Stampin' through the Scriptures WELCOME

Hi there! Are you home and in your jammies for the day?
Good! Me too!
(and if you're not... go! go change, grab some cocoa, & relax)
(I'll be right here waiting for you when you're all set.)

I'm so excited to share this new series with you...


is a weekly and daily devotional series
where I will share a Scripture devotional
as well as a step-by-step
Bible Journaling tutorial
using stamps and product from
Stampin' Up!.

You can catch the FREE weekly devotionals on Mondays.
Then you may want to consider a paid subscription
to the daily devotionals and tutorials as well.
I will have more information
on the paid subscription later this week.
For now... and the rest of this week,
I want you to have a tiny taste of what the
daily devos and tutorials will be like...

Today's welcome video is just stamping content.
So be sure to subscribe to my daily posts
(see the subscribe area to the right)
and you will catch each free entry this week!

Today's video tutorials can be found
at the bottom of this post.
Enjoy the Word!
Enjoy God's creativity through YOU!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

His Tribe Bible Journaling Retreat

What am I up to today?
Oh... just packing for a fun retreat focused on

I have become a serious (well, not SO serious)

My biggest dilemma is deciding which
of my current journals
should I take with me on the retreat?!
At this point, I'm still contemplating
ALL of them! HA!

Journaling enthusiastic will understand
there are so many therapeutic ways
to utilize a pretty little journal these days.
This ain't your momma's diary, no m'am!

I try to incorporate the following
into every journal I own...

Bible Journaling

Prayer Journaling

Thought Journaling

Memory Journaling

Gratitude Journaling

and Planning

Obviously I don't do ALL of these on a daily basis.
But I do work in one journal or another
every single day.
It's my therapy, for sure.

Did you know I make many of my journals
with my own to stampin' hands?
And did you know you can purchase
these handmade journals
from my Easy Shop,

Jump over there now and take a peek!

My journaling system works like a
"traverler's notebook"
where journals or notebooks
can be switched in and out of the
journal holder or shell
while the holder itself
remains in tact forever and ever
to use over and over again.
Once you fill up a notebook or journal,
just remove it and treasure it
while adding a fresh new journal to the book.

I call my journaling systems

My Notebook Nooks are made of
durable plastic and can be considered
water resistant although definitely
I love taking my Nook to the beach so there's that.

Do you have ave a special interest
and want a special Notebook Nook
made with that special interest in mind?
Just tell me what you like and
I will find all the right papers and colors
to make your own special custom
Notebook Nook

Thanks for visiting today!
And thanks for jumping over to my
to check out my
Notebook Nooks!

I hope you have a creative day!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's SIMPLE, really...

Yesterday I sent in my application for a spot
on the Simple Stories Design Team.
The product lines created by
are some of the most well thought out,
fun and festive, colorful and creative
I have ever seen.
I am always in awe of each collection
as well as the artistry the designers
put into each creation.
Following Simple Stories
as well as their designers on social media
has made me a more creative artist.

I would absolutely head to the moon
while my head would stay stuck in the clouds
if I received a spot on this Design Team.
It's been prayed about.
I can trust His will.
Now if I can just trust myself not to
look at the calendar every single day until
they make the results announcement.

Have a great day and thank you for dropping by!