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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Thursday, February 1, 2018

His Tribe Bible Journaling Retreat

What am I up to today?
Oh... just packing for a fun retreat focused on

I have become a serious (well, not SO serious)

My biggest dilemma is deciding which
of my current journals
should I take with me on the retreat?!
At this point, I'm still contemplating
ALL of them! HA!

Journaling enthusiastic will understand
there are so many therapeutic ways
to utilize a pretty little journal these days.
This ain't your momma's diary, no m'am!

I try to incorporate the following
into every journal I own...

Bible Journaling

Prayer Journaling

Thought Journaling

Memory Journaling

Gratitude Journaling

and Planning

Obviously I don't do ALL of these on a daily basis.
But I do work in one journal or another
every single day.
It's my therapy, for sure.

Did you know I make many of my journals
with my own to stampin' hands?
And did you know you can purchase
these handmade journals
from my Easy Shop,

Jump over there now and take a peek!

My journaling system works like a
"traverler's notebook"
where journals or notebooks
can be switched in and out of the
journal holder or shell
while the holder itself
remains in tact forever and ever
to use over and over again.
Once you fill up a notebook or journal,
just remove it and treasure it
while adding a fresh new journal to the book.

I call my journaling systems

My Notebook Nooks are made of
durable plastic and can be considered
water resistant although definitely
I love taking my Nook to the beach so there's that.

Do you have ave a special interest
and want a special Notebook Nook
made with that special interest in mind?
Just tell me what you like and
I will find all the right papers and colors
to make your own special custom
Notebook Nook

Thanks for visiting today!
And thanks for jumping over to my
to check out my
Notebook Nooks!

I hope you have a creative day!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's SIMPLE, really...

Yesterday I sent in my application for a spot
on the Simple Stories Design Team.
The product lines created by
are some of the most well thought out,
fun and festive, colorful and creative
I have ever seen.
I am always in awe of each collection
as well as the artistry the designers
put into each creation.
Following Simple Stories
as well as their designers on social media
has made me a more creative artist.

I would absolutely head to the moon
while my head would stay stuck in the clouds
if I received a spot on this Design Team.
It's been prayed about.
I can trust His will.
Now if I can just trust myself not to
look at the calendar every single day until
they make the results announcement.

Have a great day and thank you for dropping by!

Card Cafe... Waterfront

Host a Card Cafe and create these beautiful and fun cards
as well as TWO MORE stampin' projects.

You and your guests will have a blast learning how easy
the watercolor stamp set, "Waterfront," is to use.

Scheduling your Card Cafe is EASY...
just contact me via email and a date will be set.
Should you have less than five guests,
the Card Cafe can be held at a local coffee shop.
And if you have more than five guests,
you can stamp at home...
your home OR MINE.
That's right! You won't even have to clean for a party!
THAT is a perk for hosting a Card Cafe right there!

Contact me to schedule right now...

Oh my! This "Poop Card" is the FUNNEST card ever!
One of the images in the Waterfront set
is intended to create a mountain scene BUT
it also creates a fun little image that immolates
the funny little poo emoji! HA!
You will love how fun and funny this
comical little card is in real life.
The photo just doesn't do it justice hehehe.

You can see how fun (and funny) and easy
the Poop Card is to create by watching
a step-by-step video tutorial here...

Card Cafes are so fun!
I hope you will schedule one today and
discover for yourself how much fun
you and your friends can have.

Think "no one will come..." or not sure who to invite?
I've heard those before.
Just TRY. You will be surprised of how
many people are secretly interested.
And even if you can get only TWO PEEPS
to attend... THAT is enough!
Yup, you and two friends is enough to call it a
So schedule today...


Have a creative day!

Order the Waterfront stamp set today!

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Choose a FREE item from the SAB Catalog
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Feel free to contact me with any
questions you may have.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

How can I pray for you today?

"A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for time of adversity.

When I was a child, I misinterpreted
this verse as meaning something like...
"It's a good thing we have a friend in Jesus
who will always love us because
our siblings are only there to fight with us.:

My siblings and I ALWAYS fought.
And even now we aren't really that close.
But I have learned this verse means
regardless of our closeness,
we are meant to be there for on another...
no matter what.

Now when I see or hear this verse,
I can't help but say some special prayers
for my siblings and their families.

So that's what I've done with this
page in my Journaling Bible...
while spending some creative time
in worship with my Father,
I focused my thoughts on prayers
for each of my brothers and sisters,
their spouses, ex's, and children.

If you happen to think of me today
and care to lift a prayer,
mention praise for my family members
who know Jesus Christ as their Savior
and lay before the throne of God
those who do not.
Thank you.

Now... how can I pray for YOU.
It is my honor to enter the throne room
with your name on my heart.
If you feel comfortable enough
to leave your prayer request
here in a comment, thank you.
But if you would rather contact me
in private, you may do so via a
Direct Message on Instagram

Thank you for visiting today!
I love my followers and appreciate
your creativity as well as
their thirst for it.
Have a creative day!



Wondering how I created this page
in my Journaling Bible?

I used Lemon Lime Twist and Pool Party
Classic Inks from Stampin' Up!
with the "Direct to Paper"
technique as the base of my page.

The "X's and O's" are chunky dies
from Pebbles Inc.
The hugs and kisses stickers
as well as the long strips of wording
are also from Pebbles Inc.

I highlighted the verse as well as
everything else on the page with a
Micron pen, size 005.

Easy peasy
and so lemon squeezy pretty :)

Love ya!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pop OUT Card Tutorial

Whoa! It's been far too long since
I've taken the pleasure to blog something pretty!
Thank you for visiting today!
I truly hope you enjoy this fun and easy to make

Notice how the focal point of the card
pops OUT from inside so that it is seen
on the front of the card as well as
the inside once the inside is opened.

Typically, the Pop Out Card is made even quicker
when using a symmetrical image
such as the heart seen on the card here.

Any image can be used on a Pop Out Card
as seen on the card first seen in the post
with a floral arrangement of roses
from Stampin' Up!
(145785 wood 145788 clear).

Below is a link to the video tutorial found on my
And you will find a step-by-step
photographed tutorial at

Thanks for visiting!
I'm excited to offer more for 2018!!!