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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Because Stampin' Up! is so good at it!
Just WAIT til you see how I created this adorable card!
(check back soon for tutorial)
I used Stampin' Up!'s brand new

These new wheels are called "builder wheels."
They stack on a spindle while spacers
let you use one or two wheels
to create the look you want.
OR use three builder wheels as I've done here!
Also new to the Stampin' Up! wheel system
is the Uniked Triple Cell Cartridge.
If you've been a customer of mine (or SU! for that matter)
for quite some time, you will remember the smaller
double uninked cell cartridges.
They were nice... but a bit messy, right?
Not so with these fancy new Uninked Triple Cell Cartridges!
They are AWESOME!
Each cell has a little plastic divider
to contain each color ink exactly where it should stay.
So once your wheels are stacked to your desire,
there is no telling what kinds of fun things you can create!
Be sure to visit on Thursday to see how
I used my triple stacked BUILDER WHEELS
to create four of these fun cards with just a few swishes.
Leave me a comment and you could win
THIS CARD shown at the top of this post!
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Have a blessed day!
(and happy b-day if it just so happens to be your special day!)

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