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Monday, August 30, 2010

Teacher Gift

It's never too late to give your child's teacher
a gift to start his/her year off with love.
Although school has already started for my children,
I've decided to delay the teacher gifts
so that the teachers have more of a
"surprise" element and can make that
"first day" special feeling last as long as possible.
This is just a little notepad I picked up
at an office supply store
(one of those amazing school specials... only 1cent!)
I simply wrapped some card stock
around the covers of the notepad,
stamped and punched my butterfly,
added a pen and there you have it!
Special little gift for a special teacher!
These little notepads make fantastic gifts for anyone!
Here's a fun idea...
at your next family gathering, create your own
and let the family sign each one.
It's fun to see what everyone will decide
to write in each other's book!

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