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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Filled with Blessings

These little travel bottles
can be found in any variety store
(such as Target, WalMart, etc.)
for less than nothing (well, almost. he he he) 
They are SO EASY to alter!
All it takes is a few scrap pieces and
a punch or two and VOILA!
Instant gifts ready to make someone's day!

And let's think outside the box
(I mean "outside the bottle")
about what to fill them with...

Since the lids screw on,
we can fill them with yummy little candies 
(like mini M&M's -my fav fav fav!)
we can fill them with sweet jewlery.
we can fill them with roasted peanuts.
Let your imagination run!

Mother's Day is coming soon...
are you ready?
She would love something handmade.
I just know it!

Contact me and I will be happy to help
you "fill her bottle with blessings!"

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