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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wynne's "Addiction Brownies"

From the photo above,
you can't see how ooey gooey
this amazing brownies really are.
However, if you take a look below...

then you get the idea, right?!
I'm not sure where'd I'd be (most likely NOT in the kitchen!)
if it weren't for Paula Deen.
This recipe is one of her's that Wynne has changed just a bit
to make it her own "Addiction Brownies."
Now that we've made these,
we will NEVER make a boxed brownie again.
I won't even eat a boxed brownie after having these!
(Not worth the calories if they don't taste this good!)

Note Wynne's changes...
substitute 5-6 Hershey bars for the Andes candies.
(Yes!  It HAS to be at least 5 bars but no more than 6!)
(Be sure to get the regular Hershey bars...
the miniatures or fun size will not work.)

Here is the link to these amazing brownies...

Wynne says it's VERY IMPORTANT
that you don't "overbeat"
as you combine the wet ingredients with the dry.

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