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Monday, July 25, 2011

GROWing more and more...

One of my favorite ways to grow as a demonstrator
is SWAPPING ideas with other demonstrators.
While at the 2011 Stampin' Up! convention,
I joined a "Shoebox Swap"
and created a ton of new cards!
A "Shoebox Swap" is just this...
you supply one card and enough supplies to create
that particular card for however many participants
are attending the swap.
Everyone goes from sample to sample
and creates each and every card.
It's really alot of fun!
(and a great way to pass the time
when you otherwise don't have anyone to hang with.) 

So most of the cards shown in this post
are the cards we created at the "Shoebox Swap."
I think they're just fantastic!
I apologize for not giving credit to the
correct demonstrator of each sample.
I don't have that info but would supply it if I did.
I just know these gals did a great job
with sharing their talents! 

The card shown above and the one shown just below
are called "easel cards."
I've craeted easel cards but have never seen
the ones created to sit to the side of the card
such as these cards shown here.
I must be SO out of the loop
because everyone I chatted with talked as if
I had lived in some cave for not seeing this technique.
he he he he...
Nevertheless, I'm excited to try them
and hope that you are excited to see them.
If you create one of your own,
be sure to send me a link so I can check out
your amazing work!

Would you just look at the tulips shown above?!
Once again, I need to
come out of my cave a bit more often.
Everyone acted surprised when I actually
WAS surprised at how these tulips are created.
You can create these tulips by using
Stampin' Up!'s OWL PUNCH!
Can you believe it?!
How fun is that?!
Punches are SO AWESOME!

These last two are two of my favs.
I just love the beautiful butterfly shown above.
And I love how the demonstrator
used the tiny clear buttons and paper punched
the background for the buttons.
Once again... PUNCHES to the rescue!

And below... I'm not sure why I love this card so much
other than the ease of creating it
and the dramatic effect of the colors.

GROW with me.
Let me share some of my
"Shoebox Swap" samples with you.
Schedule a Stampin' Up! party today
and I can show you how
to create ANY of the cards seen here on
Always Stampin'!

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