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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Because Stampin' Up!'s theme this year for the
2011 Convention was "GROW,"
all of the displays had a "garden" feel to them.
Everything in each of the photos
in this post were created from PAPER.
That's right!  Everything down to the very grass!
The photos are very cool
but I really wish you could have seen
all of this IRL (In Real Life!)
The time and talent that went into each display
just blows me away!
I want each display to be part of my home decore!!!
(Wish SU! would sell these displays! wink.)

This one (above) is possibly my fav (who could choose?!)
Pinks and purples together are my fav colors!!!
Can you just imagine this display being in a little gal's room?!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bicycle display!
This would SO look good on a sunporch!

And just LOOK at this adorable display
of a gardener's shed bed!
Look closely below at what is growing in the bed...

Seriously?  How cute!

I love how simple and yet elegant the framed art was.
I can not WAIT to give these a try!
The "friend" framed art shown below...
how perfect of a gift is that?!

Check it...
the A... DOR... A... BLE rain slicker
shown above was made COMPLETELY
of Stampin' Up! card stock!
What talent!

he he he... my fav again.  pinks and purples.

These amazing blossoms were hanging from the ceiling.

The Christmas display was so precious!
Santa's list on the desk... how stinkin' cute!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!
Hope they have somehow inspired you.
Want to be even more inspired?
Host a Stampin' Up! party with me!
There is no pressure to buy.
Obviously, I would love for you and your guests
to purchase... let's face it, I want you to receive
and I could sure use the income, wink.
But hosting a Stampin' Up! party
is more about sharing and having fun than it is
about "getting stuff."
Schedule one today and I will show you
personally just what I mean.
You will be so blessed!

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