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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book to Look

This box is a box created for me
by my precious daughter
when she was just five years old.
It was a plain wooden box she and her Papa made
at a children's workshop at our local hardward store.
I loved the box SO MUCH
that I wasn't sure how I should decorate it
and so it sat... plain and wooden
for years and years and years.
Honestly, I loved the box so much
and didn't decorate it out of fear of "messing it up."

Then finally Stampin' Up! offered decorative paper
which I fell in love with (almost as much as the box)
and used to decorate the box.
So I had a lovely papered box... and did nothing else with it.
Yep!  You guessed it... for fear of "messing it up."

And FINALLY, I grabbed my stamps and decided to
"Stampin' Up!"
instead of being afraid of "messing it up!"
I decorated the box and created
my "Book to Look" box!
Read on to discover the point of my story...

Are you wondering what a "Book to Look" box is?
(I hope you are! wink.)
When you schedule a Stampin' Up! party with me,
you can select a gift card holder from the box.
Inside the gift card holder is a FREE GIFT
you will receive at your party
ALONG WITH the adorable little gift card holder!
Just for being creative and having fun
with family and friends!

At your your party, you will learn how fun and easy
it is to create this adorable little gift card holder...
just in time for CHIRSTMAS!
Everyone uses gift card holders these days.
Create your own and save money...
just imagine all the warm special feelings
you will cause by giving a handmade gift.

You will even learn how to add
all of that gorgeous color
to blank image seen below.
Once that little gift card has color all over it,
you can use it on one of your very own projects!
Count it... that's THREE FREE GIFTS!

And now the rest of the story...
I shared my box story with you because
many people THINK they can not
create with rubber stamps
because they are simply afraid of
"messing things up."
and let me prove to you how Stampin' Up!
makes it so fun and easy to rubber stamp
that it is almost impossible to "mess up."
And besides, I'm your Stampin' Up! demonstrator...
it's my job to show you how
virtually impossible it is to "mess up."
Instead, let me show you how to

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