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Thursday, October 6, 2011

BBQ Baskets and Birds in a Blanket

So I love the Pillsbury website...
Barbeque Baskets
was one of the most recent additions.
I've seen these cute little treats before and
always intend to make them but never have
until now...

Let me tell ya!
My kids don't like BBQ so
these yummy baskets didn't make a huge hit.
But for me and my hubby... whoa!
They're just fun, easy, and classic.

Here is what I did a bit different than instructed
on the Pillsbury website...

instead of filling the dough baskets
with BBQ before baking,
I partially baked my baskets BEOFRE filling them...

when making the BBQ,
add a few precooked frozen (but thawed) meatballs.
Then add one meatball to each basket.
Just more fun!

Hope you enjoy!
Be blessed!

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