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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reasons why I stamp...

Recently, I attended an amazing meeting
with my Stampin' Up! upline, Amy Johnson.
The meeting was in Burlington, KY
and was hosted by the incredible,
Ann Lightner!

This amazing meeting was more like
a "mini Stampin' Up! convention!"

Amy showed us how to create
these absolutely adorable quilt panels.
The one seen here was the one she offered
as our MAKE & TAKE...
which means we made one just like it
to take home and adorn our own home.
And would you believe...
just around the corner from the
Bed & Breakfast where I stayed was a 
So I even had the stand for my
lovely little quilted square upon my arrival home!

More fabulous offerings of our meeting were... 

How fun!
Amy hosted a dinner swap
which consisted of CLASS IDEAS.
Each dinner guest went home with
a completely new Class Idea along with 
the gorgeous samples which came along with it.
The Class Idea seen here
(offered by the sweet Vicki Edwards)
was the swap I brought home.
I can not WAIT to share these cards with YOU!
Be sure and plan to attend my upcoming events
so you can check out this great idea!

Photoed above is my dear friend,
Amy Johnson
and my long-time friend,
Sharon Dungan.
(Check out the sewing machines in the background!
That's another fun thing we did at our meeting...
"Low-Sew Quilting!!!"  How fun!!!)

This was such a fun time with friends!
And it was so much fun making new friends!
Ann was a delightful host!
She is SO inspiring... she has EIGHT children
and she's served on Stampin' Up!'s
Founder's Circle...
that's "INK"redible!!!

There were even more fun swaps and
fun make & takes at this amazing meeting.
And I plan to share them with you in the days to come.

I am so grateful to be a part of Amy's downline.
She is such a positive and encouraging person.
I am so glad God has allowed our lives to touch!

May you be blessed as your life is touched
by those who love and encourage you today.

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