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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Scrapbook...

My favorite way to scrapbook
For example, only scrapbook
"the big events" in life...
Christmas, birthdays, graduation, etc.
And when you do this, limit yourself
to only one or two pages...
no more than two 2-page layouts.
To stick to this way of scrapbooking,
pick only the BEST photos or
the photos that tell "the story."
It's easy to get overwhelmed with a ton of photos
and end up not scrapbooking at all.

Another great way to scrapbook is
Choose ONE PHOTO ONLY per event
and scrapbook it!
Make it a work of art... a treasure...
and heirloom to be cherished.
That's what I've done with the photo seen here.
This is our Easter photo and
my journaling for our Easter is
on a decorated piece of paper
tucked behind the page which will
fit nicely into my page protector.
Then, when we want to reminisce and
chat about how our Easter celebration was
for this particular year,
all we have to do is pull out the paper and read.
It's like a "time capsule!"

Regardless of how you choose to
preserve your memories,
Future generations will thank you.

If you would like to know more
about how to get started scrapbooking,
or to simply learn new and creative
scrapbooking tips,
contact me and we will get together
over coffee or cocoa
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany.
I will even bring some supplies
for us to stamp up a scrapbook page
for YOU to KEEP!
Contact me today...

Blessed memories!

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