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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've Been "YOU Crewed!"

So there I am... standing in line (in the very loooooooonnnnnnnggggg line) waiting for Momento Mall to open so I can soak in all of Stampin' Up!'s goodie goodness. When a gal (Robin, who said she was with the "YOU Crew") with the home office walks up to me and asks me how many people were with me. I told her it was "just me." She looks at the gal behind me and says, "You're not together?" The answer... nope.  Like I said, "just me." Robin then puts her arm around me and says, "Come with me... I'm about to make your day. I'm taking you to the front of the line." (At this point, I think tears might have welled up in my eyes, he he he.) So I asked about the gal that was standing behind me and if she could come also. Robin (in full Stampin' Up! spirit) says, "Yeah sure!"
So there WE are, "Kim" and I, inside Momento Mall... TEN MINUTES BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE! Have you ever seen the movie "The Little Princess?" Ya, well... that is exactly how Kim and I felt! It was quite hilarious! We literally stuck together and talked each other through our purchases and made sure the other saw this or that. What a blessing!
Convention is about so much more than the stamps and the samples and the "freebies." The most memorable convention moments (for me) are the friendships I've made. What a blessing... indeed!

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