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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stampin' BEFORE the Fun Begins


I normally don't post on Sundays
but one of the fun things about blogging
is everything posted can be "scheduled."
Therefore I can post days or months
in advance and never actually
touch my computer on the actual post day.
That's what I've decided to do TODAY...
exactly one month ago TODAY. ;)

Today I will be landing in SLC, UT
for Stampin' Up!'s annual convention.
I LOVE attending convention.
The ideas I bring home to share with
my friends and family
are absolutely invaluable.

I LEARN while I'm at convention.
I LOVE the love while I'm at convention.
and I SHARE what I LEARN because
I LOVE what I do.

This year I decided to fly out early and
assist with the Late Night Stampers
"Pre-covention Stampin' Events."
I'm really looking forward to being a part
of such a HUGE event before
convention even starts!

My offering to the Late Night Stampers Event
is the "Gift Sleeve" seen in this post.
Stampers will create three greeting cards and
a "Gift Sleeve" much like the one seen here.

Check back tomorrow
for another sample of the fabulous
"Gift Sleeve."
Then be sure to continue to follow
Always Stampin'
for more samples of the "Gift Sleeve"
as well as a
so you can be creative and make one of your own!

While at convention,
I will be your "roving reporter"
posting all sorts of fun things
so be sure to FOLLOW this blog
or catch me on Facebook as
Always Stampin' with Kelly Gettelfinger
(or just Kelly Gettelfinger.)

Never stop LEARNING.
Always LOVE.
and SHARE in any way you can.

Be blessed.

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