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Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Blessings!

I love getting ANY kind of card in the mail!
Who doesn't?!
This sweet and catchy little birthday card
was all stamped up by my very creative daughter.
And here are three things I love about it most...

1. It took her awhile to make it because
it wasn't what she originally had in mind to create.
What she had in mind was taking a bit longer
than her dad wanted as he wanted to give it to me
sooner than she had expected.
I SO appreciate when someone is a hard worker!!!

2. She used STAMPIN' UP! IMAGES!!!
(She's a Bella girl!
What can I say... those images are STINKIN' cute!)

3. Her teacher inspired her to create this card
but probably not how you think.
She has a teacher who always says,
"Here's the scoop..."
THAT made my daughter think
how cute it would be to include that phrase
on a card with a "scoop" of ice cream.
LOVE it!!!!
We can collect on inspiration EVERYWHERE!!!

Thank you so very much to my
kind, loving, fun, and creative daughter!
My birthday was wonderful because of

What's this... more birthday blessings?

How super duper sweet of my friend, Melissa
to take the time to stamp up (and bake up)
a super duper sweet gift for me!!!
Seriously, this means so much to me!!!

You GOTTA check out the paper bag
she created with her Stampin' Up! goodies!
I've seen these online and have wanted
to give them a try but just hadn't gotten around to it.

Now I am SO inspired!
Thank you SO MUCH, Melissa,
for being extra "sweet" to me!!!
Love you so much, girl!!!

And you can better believe I will be
getting the recipe for these COOKIES! OM!
They were scruptiously delicious!!!


Jaci said...

Happy belated Birthday, Kelly Jean. I love receiving handmade gift too, especially cards!

kellyjean said...

Thank you so very much, Jaci!!! How sweet of you!!!