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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surprise Greeting for 10-10-10 Class

Have you seen my post announcing the
SEP-10-10-10-BER CLASS?
You can check it out...
One of the greeting cards we will be stampin' up
(the one seen below)
has no greeting.
I had planned on keeping the greetings a "surprise"
but I just can't stand keeping this fun info all to myself!

I used My Digital Studio to create
three different FUN greetings to coordinate
with our colorful "corn card."

It was SO EASY to create this sheet of greetings!
In MDS (My Digital Studio,)
I simply created the first line...
highlighted and copied the other three lines.

Each stamper at the 10-10-10 class will
receive a strip of the three greetings
and can decide which greeting
they would like to add to to their two "corn cards."
How fun is that?!

The SEP-10-10-10-BER CLASS
will be here soon!
This class is only TEN DOLLARS with a $25 order.
Without an order, the class fee is $20.
Hurry and get your registration in!
There are only TEN spaces available!
Contact me today...

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