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Friday, December 28, 2012

One More "Waterfall Mini Album"

Here is one more
but these albums are
to create, I have a feeling you will be
seeing many many more...
either from your own stampy little fingers
or mine!

Created from just
these adorable albums make
inexpensive gifts and ways to say
how you care for others!

You have THRITEEN spaces
to adhere treasured photos
and add heartfelt journaling.

With a "step-by-step" TUTORIAL VIDEO,
this great gift can be made by anyone...
with any skill level of paper crafting!
Check out the video HERE.

Enjoy more "Waterfall Mini Album" ideas
HERE... and HERE!

I absolutely love how the inside of this
"Waterfall Mini Album" turned out!
Don't you just love the sweet and tiny banner?!

Even the back of this adorable album
can be decorated and adorned with photos!

I highly recommend you watch THE VIDEO.
And just in case you are a
"written tutorial" kind of paper crafter,
here are some brief instructions
for creating the

12" X 12" card stock
score at 4" and 8"
quarter turn card stock and score at 3", 6", & 9"
trim away four of the connecting panels in
the lower right-hand corner

"snip" (do not trim away) through the other
four panels in the opposite lower corner

flip the card stock so that the remaining
"waerfall" panels are to the right
add adhesive to the second panel at the
top from the left

accordion fold the farthest "waterfall"
panel on the right so that it comes toward you

accordion fold the remaining "waterfall"
panel away from you to the opposite side

accordion fold the entire album beginning
with the panel farthest to the right
by folding it away from you

once you have both waterfall panels folded
together and the pages adhered where
adhesive was added,
wrap the remaining panel around to the front
of the book so as to create the "album cover."


Remember the little 6"x8" panel that was trimmed away?
Bring that back and try creating this
super easy, super fun

The actual size of this piece is 6" x 8".

fold this piece in half so it measures
3" x 8"

trim from the CENTER point of the folded piece
to the bottom outside corner
(you will be trimming through 2 layers)

add adhesive to the outside edges and
fold triangle panels up to
create a pocket on each side of the card.

There you have it!
Have a creative day!


Donna Ellis said...

Kelly, I have enjoyed following you on YouTube. You are such a sweetie, and always make me feel inspired, and like I can make your projects, too. Currently, am using your template to create a "waterfall mini booklet card". Of course I will link to your blog when I get it completed. Mostly, I just wanted to say that you are appreciated, and I'm grateful for having discovered you. I am your newest follower, Kelly. Happy New Year!

D'Ann said...

Hi Kelly! I just stumbled upon your blog and love your projects! What a lot of work you put into it and you are funny too! Thanks for sharing all your work. I am most interested in the fun Waterfall Mini Album (for now) and will try to make one shortly. Thanks for sharing your work!

Margaret said...

Hi KellyJean,

Thank you for sharing this great tutorial I can't wait to try this.

Happy New Year!

Donna Ellis said...

Kelly, I adapted your waterfall mini album into a card booklet with lots of embellishments. It will be in a blog hop on my blog beginning January 17 -20. Your Blog and YouTube are being linked to from my blog. Just thought you might like a heads up on how much your tutorial is appreciated. I hope this is ok? If not, please let me know soon so I can recreate a tut, tho it will not be as nice as yours. Thanks again, de

kellyjean said...

Thank you so much, gals, for such sweet words! I'm so grateful for YOU and that you are enjoying Always Stampin'! Happy happy stampin'!

Anne-Marie said...

Brilliant tutorial Kelly, I am making now. I will link back to your blog when I post it on my blog. Thank you for sharing.