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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Convention Highlights

One of the best parts of my convention experiences
has been my ROOMMATES.
I have had roommates who were already my friends.
And I have had roommates who have become my friends.
I can honestly say I have had some of the
BEST roommates a gal could ever have!!!

One of the things I love about the whole
"roomie thing" is the "roomie gifts!"
The one seen here was made by my roomie, Karin,
given by her and roomie, RuthAnn.
I LOVE "one sheet wonder" gifts!
What is a "one sheet wonder" gift, you ask?
When you can take ONE SHEET...
and create something WONDERFUL,
you've created a "one sheet wonder!"

This little box is not only a "one sheet wonder,"
but Karin said there is NO ADHESIVE holding it together!
How about THAT for super cool?!
And would you just look at
the Godiva chocolates the gals picked out!
They are the same colors as
Stampin' Up!'s new IN COLORS!
That is so crazy awesome!!!

This year's convention was so crowded due to
the 25th anniversary celebration.
The crowd went from a normal 3200 to a whopping
6000 demonstrators and guests!!!
Therefore, I didn't get as many photos
of the display boards as I normally do.

The photos you see here are the projects
presented by Shelli Gardner, co-founder of Stampin' Up!.

Here is what I love most about Shelli's presentation...
NONE of these projects were HER ideas!
She shared with us that she has assistance
from her very own Concept Artist.
What's so cool about that?

You would be amazed at how many people
come to me and say, "I could never do what you do, Kelly."
"I'm just not creative like you, Kelly."
Pfft!  Like I come up with these ideas all on my own!
What are you nuts?!
Even Shelli doesn't come up with all of her ideas all on her own!
THAT is what our Concept Artist are for!
THAT is what our amazing Annual Catalog is for!

So please understand that you do not have to be
If you can COPY, you are CREATIVE!

The Pop-n-Cuts Die was not at the top
of my "wish list" until Shelli
just kept showing me idea after idea after idea
with this great die and the Big Shot Machine!
Now, the die is at the TOP of my list!

The card above uses a die from the
"Pop-n-Cuts" Die
and is turned into a GIFT CARD HOLDER.

I can easily show you how to create
in less than an hour!
Let's meet at Coffee Crossing
at your convenience and you will be all set for
Email me to schedule your STAMP TIME...

New "Thinlets" are coming!
New "Thinlets" are coming!

Watch here on "Always Stampin'"
for these incredible new dies from Sizzix
to use in the Big Shot Machine!

The cards above and below were created
using the new "Thinlets!"

You can now purchase these amazing dies
in my online store...

Label Card Thinlits Die
$32.95 us/$40.95 can
Circle Card Thinlits Die
$32.95 us/$40.95 can

I absolutely LOVE what you can do with
My Digital Studio!
Are you not into all the paper crafting
of scrapbooking and card making
but you want to save money
on your very own cards and memory albums?

My Digital Studio is for YOU!
The card above was created with MDS
and it's so easy to REcreate it with other states and images.
It's fun. It's easy. It's affordable.
Digital is the way of the future!

Email me and we can get together for about an hour
so that you can see how fun and easy MDS really is...

I just loved this little gal canvas displayed on one of the
demonstrator display boards.
I love the papers and the sweetness of the entire thing.
Kudos to the artist!

The photo above and the two below
host items created by Artisan Award winners.
Absolutely amazing what can be done

If you have yet to experience the new
stamp storage boxes...
whoa! Let me tell you how versatile they are!
Just look at these ideas here!
And be sure to check back soon for even more ideas
using these great little boxes!!!

So you've heard me post about the "organized swaps," right?
Well, here is a shot of one that I participated in...
now THAT is some crazy swappin'!
It's honestly so much fun...
and in the several upcoming posts of mine to come,
you will see how well worth the craziness is.
The swaps I receive are "INK"redibly amazing!

Here is "my Amy."
I love love love "my Amy!"
No one on the planet has cheered me on more than
my fourth upline, Amy Johnson.
She cheers me not just within Stampin' Up!
but also in life itself.
We share the same Father
and the same vision.
Those two things, mixed with a bit of stampin',
to me are treasures my heart will always cherish.

Happy 20th anniversary, Amy!!!
Thank you for inspiring us all!
Go Stampers Xpress!!!
Whoo hoo!!!

Amy's daughter, Lexi (with her magic hands)
were a Godsend for me at this convention!
Lexi is a Message Therapist
and she immediately came to my rescue
the day I experienced a terrible migraine.
After about fifteen minutes,
I could see again and the nausea had subsided.
I will be ever grateful to Lexi and her magic hands!

Uplines, downlines, sidelines...
it's like a foreign language to most people.
We demonstrators, on the other hand, only hear...
"sister, sister, sister."

One of my downline, Sharon Click, attended with me this year.
Sharon is quite the talker and I love having that around
since I can sometimes be on the "quiet side" of conversing.

Below is my lovely third upline, Sharon Duvelis.
(Sharon, I apologize. I know I'm not spelling that correctly.)
Of all the years Sharon and I have been demonstrators,
we have not ONE picture together!
That is, not until now!
I just couldn't let the 25th anniversary celebration
slip by us without taking a keepsake photo!

Here we are (well, most of us anyway)...
The Stampers Xpress Design Team members.
What an honor to serve alongside these amazing women!

The BEST BEST roomies EVER on the planet!!!
Three years running and I can not wait to room with them again!

This photo was inspired by my sweetest friend,
Missy Shipman.
I love this photo more than you can imagine.
It just makes me think...
no matter who is actually in the pic,
Stampin' Up! always has a friend to supply you.
That, and Missy inspires me to want to be a better me.
I love you, Missy girl!!!

Yes indeed...
Stampin' Up!'s 25th Anniversary Celebration
was QUITE the celebration indeed!

The cupcakes were
A... MAZ... ING!!!
(I honestly never thought I would have a
cupcake as good as GiGi's or Sweet Stuff but...)

And the servers were a bit "over the top?"

Talk about over the top!
The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facory
are just that... over the top!
Thanks to my "sweet" friend, Reverend Karin,
I will never attend another convention
and miss grabbing one of these desserts!!!

Stampin' Up! is great about giving away little gifts
here and there to the entire crowd
through the whole convention.

And usually at most conventions,
a few random winners will be selected
to win a super nice gift.

Would you like to know quite possibly
the absolute best, most wonderful,
and extremely thoughtful (on Stampin' Up!'s part)
parts of the 25th Anniversary Convention?


One persona won a Prize Patrol...

then another...

and another...

YES! Even I won... because...


At first one of my friends were like,
"Do you think everyone will win a Prize Patrol?"
And I'm all like,
"No way! There are 6000 demonstrators here this year!"
And then we are all like,
"Woo stinkin' hoo!!!"
(Trust me, I only use the word
"like" like this when I am super excited! he he he)

For me, the honest and truly
best part about my convention experience is...

coming home to this!

I have the most thoughtful husband
who always has our children grab some balloons
or make a sign or pick some flowers
and meet me at the airport.
Regardless of what time my flight has ever arrived,
he and these sweet faces
are waiting for me bearing gifts.
My treasure is the gift of their heart!
They know how much I love stampin' with Stampin' Up!
They know how much I love sharin' what I love with others
because of what my Heavenly Father has shared with me.
And they know I love THEM
more than anything next to Jesus.
THAT is why I stamp folks.

Thanks for hanging in there for this long post.
I pray you have been inspired
to share what inspires you.
And I pray you know the love of Christ
so that your sharing is filled with purpose and satisfaction.


Cheryl / CLOcards said...

I SO resonate with what you wrote at the end, Kelly. Thanks so much for saying it! We are blessed to be a blessing! :)

kellyjean said...

Thank you, Cheryl, for your sweet comment... and for "resonating" with me :) Sometimes it's nice to know our boat is not empty :)

Blessings always!