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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not just your average roll of toilet paper...

Crazy title, huh?
Well, if you haven't seen a
"Bathroom Paper Roll" Mini Album,
most of them do NOT look like

If you visit THIS LINK,
you will see how most of these adorable albums look.
Most of them are bound by a cute little ring
and all dressed up inside.

The beauty you see here comes to us
by way of the talented stamper
(with a super sweet servant's heart)
Sharon Tong-Robinson!

I seriously did NOT even know
this was a "Bathroom Paper Roll" Mini Album!
I looked and studied and looked again
and I STILL did not realize what it was made with!

Let me just tell you!
This album is SO EASY to create!
No wait!
Don't let me tell you...
Email me right now and let's set up
a sweet little hour to stamp and chat
while we make one of these cuties just for you!
Can you just imagine this as a
Brag Book in Gramma's purse?
Or how about a COUPON BOOK for teacher?!
Email me today...

Sharon, sweet Sharon!
Thank you for sharing your crazy talent with us
via my "WOW Mini Album Swap"
at Convention 2013!
And thank you again and again for
sharing your servant's heart
by helping me the way you did!!!
I wish I could remember the other angels
who helped... it seemed like you helped with
nearly every one of my swaps.
Thank you!!!
Sharon, please feel free to leave a comment
with your blog/web address
so that other stampers can continue
to be inspired by your creativity!


Ineke said...

This is great, thanks for sharing.

Letisha Lee said...

Who knew toilet rolls could look so good?! Thats so cute. I haven't attempted one of these yet, I really want to though! x