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Sunday, December 15, 2013

MDS helps with Eagle Scout INVITATIONS

I hope you had fun participating in this little
of guessing what's on my creative block at the moment!

If you guessed that I am stampin' up
(or anything pertaining to "eagle scout"),
you guessed correctly!
(Although you didn't need to have the correct answer
to be added to the drawing, wink.)

My Digital Studio by Stampin' Up!
made making these invites

In the past, I've used my own word document
on the computer to make invitations and such
but MDS allowed me to create
the exact size I wanted so that all I had to do was
print and make one trim!  Easy peasy!

MDS grows every Tuesday with brand new downloads
of images and all sorts of add-ons to the program.
And the price is SO RIGHT for each of the add-ons!
Unfortunately, there has been no "eagle" as a MDS add-on
so I looked to one of my favorite rubber stamping comapnies
(only second to my beloved Stampin' Up!).

Here is what the winner of today's blog candy is winning...
the eagle image above and an ink pad!!!
(ink pad in random color and not the color shown)

Who's ready for the winner?!


I will be in touch with you soon to
have your snail mail address.

Thanks for visiting everyone!
Merry Creative Christmas!

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