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Sunday, February 16, 2014

MDS Sunday... Did you know...

So did you know
My Digital Studio
available for us IN the program...
just ready and waiting for us
to click and print!

What's great about this feature is
when I need something quick
and don't have time to
"design my own,"
I can just choose one of the
and I'm done!

No running to the store for a card...
no rushing to gather supplies...

OR (and this is my favorite...)
If I want to just
the pre-made templates, I can!

That is exactly what I've done
for today's offering of MDS Sunday.

The template I chose first looked like this...

By eliminating the "celebrate,"
I could enter any stamp image or text box
and completely change the whole card.

The word "KEEP" is from the
"This and That Epic Day" brush stamp set
and the word "ON" is...
get this...
the word "ONE" from
"Bright Reviews."
I just added a punch
(resized and filled with color)
to cover up the "E" so the word
now becomes "ON."

My Scripture verse was added by
simply creating a text box
for my chosen Scripture.

How fun is that?!

Sound like I'm speaking martian?
Want to know more about
My Digital Studio?

Let's grab some cocoa or coffee and
chat at Coffee Crossing.
I'll bring the laptop and MDS.
You bring a smile :)

Happy glorious Sunday!
Thanks for visiting!

My Digital Studio:  Stampin' Up! Card Template, This and That Epic Day Designer Kit, Bright Reviews Designer Kit, Square Punch, Cast Iron and Arial Fonts

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