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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Make those images "STICK!"

(my personal preference... Chap Stick)

That's the secret!
But it's no longer a secret!
SHARE this post with everyone you know
who has ever had
those sweet little rubber images
fall gracefully from their acrylic blocks.

Contrary to what some say about
simply "cleaning" the blocks,
my images still fall from blocks that are
spic and span.
This is primarily due to
the climate of my home location.

And "pressing hard" has
actually damaged some of my images.
After pressing and pressing,
some of my tiny images
have become a bit concave
which make it even more difficult
for them to cling to the acrylic blocks.

FINALLY, something that works...


Just add a tiny circle in the center
of the acrylic block
(maybe a few circles depending on
how large the stamp image is)
and press the "lip balmed" block
onto the rubber image.
Stamp away!

You'r welcome :)

Have a blessed day and
thanks so much for visiting!


Late Blooming said...

Well... this is certainly better than double sided tape. I will try it today. Thanks for the tip .

Gloria Stengel said...

I want to kiss you and hug you! I am off to try this!

Tina Davis said...

Hi Kelly! Great idea. I just went and tried it. I shared your post and blog address on Google Plus. Thanks.

Kim said...

I will definitely try this. I've been suing temporary adhesive and it's a mess on the block. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

kellyjean said...

Sweet friends, you are more than welcome for the tip! Thank YOU for such sweet and positive feedback... especially the hugs and kisses, Gloria... he he he... I can always use more of those!

Happy stampin' and thank you ALL for visiting!!!