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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Annual Catalog Premiere

I've been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator now
for nearly THIRTEEN years!
Whoohoo, that's a ton of fun!!!

I've seen the company "unveil" the annual
"Idea Book and Catalog"
via the annual convention
(OM... THAT was so much fun...
the anticipation of getting that sweet little book
upon registration AT convention...
and then seeing demonstrators
all sitting around totally immersed in
their crisp and brand spankin' new "catties!")

I've seen the company try two weeks of
the annual convention
(which meant one group of demonstrators
received their IB&C way BEFORE
other demonstrators... eek... messy!)

And NOW... something totally new
has been offered by Stampin' Up!-

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure the
"party" part quite caught on
for the Lexington, KY crowd...
There was hardly anyone there
and many of the gals who were there
didn't seem all that "excited."

Well!  Let me tell ya!
I was determined to fire my little gang up!

We had ourselves a little
"fun before the fun"
and it was, well...

I prepped kits containing


(sniff... I'm so sad to see this die go!)

How fun is THAT?!

Our little "fun before the fun" event
was complete with
Graeter's ice cream AND door prizes
(yes-siree... we had our very own

Stampin' at an ice cream parlor just
may be the only way I stamp from now on!

I must say,
I really enjoyed the "live" aspect
of the Catalog Premiere!
Seeing and hearing straight from
Shelli made me feel as though
I was super close to
being at convention...
which made me even more excited
for attending convention!

I love this pic of Shelli!
(Stampin' Up! Co-founder)
Her smile is absolutely incredible!

And there it is folks...
the brand spankin' new
Annual Stampin' Up! Catalog...
(no, you didn't hear angels singing...
that might have been me squealing, hehehe.)

OM... these two made me laugh
so hard I thought I would cry!
Carrie and Brian
had a contest to see who
could take apart and put together
ink pads the most
in a certain amount of time.
It was hilarious!
Ya had to be there, for sure -wink.

Donna was adorable
(as were all of the presenters)
but I thought I would
post a pic of Donna so that
IF by chance (I know it's a big fat chance)
she happen to come upon
my blog, she would see this post
and read that I
the ring she wore on her left hand :)
Yep, it was fab!

So there you have it!
Fun fun fun!

Email me for your copy of the
Annual Catalog
and be sure to check out the
Retired Lists
at my
Online Store!

I hope you have a creative day!


Unknown said...

I am in desperate need for a 3D swap for Late Night Stampers event at Convention, and thought that your album would be so much fun to make! Do you have directions you wouldn't mind sharing with me?
I am signed up for two of your swaps and am so excited to get the WOW cards!!
Lisa Tedder

kellyjean said...

Giggle... Lisa... I am planning to take the "Twisted Album" as one of my LNS offerings to convention. I look forward to seeing you there! Here's a little "pre-tip" on the album... I am planning to offer a tutorial (for purchase) as a convention bundle. Keep an eye on the blog for the details ;)