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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

I created the card above using
This is the card I plan to give to hubby
since TODAY is our
22nd wedding anniversary!

Allow me to tell you a little story...
"Once upon a time..."

I loved EVERYTHING about our
wedding day!
It was raining (didn't love that so much)
but we prayed for it to stop raining
at least at the times I had to walk
from the back of the church to the front.
Our church is an beautiful historic landmark
and therefore has no way to get from the back
of the church to the front of the church
except to walk around the building outside.

We prayed...
and it stopped raining!
There were a line of guests and loved ones
standing outside the church holding
their umbrellas for me and my gals
just in case but alas...
God was so sweet.
I made it to my bridegroom
completely dry!

Our reception was a BLAST!
I love the two photos below because
at the time, I was leaving my family and joining
my husband's family.
My big brother (who is ten years older than I)
is such a clown and he always makes me smile!
When it was time for the "money dance,"
my big brother danced with
and one of my husbands brother
gave me a CREDIT CARD instead of money!
THAT made me feel like I was
right at home... knowing my new husband
had someone in his family to
make me smile just like my brother always does...

Our wedding photos all turned out so nice.
But I love my very first wedding album
probably more than I love our
wedding photos.

Who remember these?!
Here's why I absolutely LOVE this album...

Someone's hands worked right along with their heart
when making this very album.
They knew that most likely a young gal
would hold this album and treasure
the memories and keepsakes
which it would encase.
I LOVE that!
But even more than that...
my big sis gave me this album when
my sweetheart proposed.
My sis now rests with her Heavenly Father
and so many happy/sad feelings
take place as I enjoy this beautiful album.

Inside the hand made album,
I decided to keep record of our wedding
but also our very first year "together."
I love that our niece
(who now has a lovely of her own)
made this adorable little bridegroom and bride!

I love for "something old" and "something blue"
my wonderfully amazing grandmother
gave me MY baby pin to
hold HER handkerchief to the inside of my dress!
(Be still my beating heart!)

And I love how my fun and fun loving
brother-in-law took us to our honeymoon hotel...
and the doorman thought I had TWO husbands!
We all laughed so hard!
My brother-in-law held the door open
(stepping inside the room)
while my husband carried me in.
The doorman handed the
"do not disturb" sign to my
brother-in-law and said,
"You're going to need this."
We all just about died!
So I asked to keep the sign because
it was so funny!
Isn't it great the items we have
that can trigger the best memories?!

The very last photo in the album given to me
by my big sis is one of us with our
lovely first home.
Such sweet memories of that home!
I loved everything about it...
the hard work we put into it restoring it...
the company we kept while living in it...
and of course... the babies we made will being there!

I also love this album because it shows me
just how much MEMORY ALBUMS have changed.

Many people tell me they could never do what I do.
I just giggle.
Scrapbooking is SO MUCH EASIER today
than it was twenty two years ago!
And with My Digital Studio,
along with rubber stamps, inks, and paper...
scrapbooking is WAY MORE FUN!

So I wrap up my story with today's look
at my bridegroom and me...
still loving each other and
thanking God for blessing us
more than we could ever have imagined!

Have a bliss blessed day!

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Shannon said...

Kelly-I love your story! Matt and I have our 21st anniversary coming up on May 21st. Did you get married at St. Joe Hill? We did!! It sounds like our wedding. We have such wonderful memories. I can't wait to hear about your upcoming classes!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Loved all your photos and memories - thank you for sharing them!

We didn't have rain...we had a blizzard!!! But...it stopped snowing in time and everything was dazzling white and sparkly!

kellyjean said...

Thank you, Shannon and Jeannie, for your sweet comments!

Shannon, we were married at St. Mary's NA. Happy 21st to you and Matt!!!

Jeannie, I have no doubt the sparkly snow was absolutely gorgeous for your special day! TY for sharing that sweet memory with me!