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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prom Props

We recently celebrated our
very first high school PROM!
The weather was crappy...
but the people were happy...
so it made for a VERY pleasant evening!

My daughter asked if I would make some
kind of banner for her and her friends to hold
for the picture taking.
How could I resist THAT request?!

I wondered if the letters would be large
enough to show up on a banner...
I also wanted "PROM" to stand out.
Instead of a banner,
I purchased some wooden letters and numbers
from our local hobby store and
simply COVERED them with

-wait for it-


Stampin' Up!'s Glimmer Papers are seriously
the best on the market!
How do I know?
 I don't go buying up other glitter papers.
Every paper crafter I know tells me so!

Though the photos don't quite catch
the glimmer of the glitter
as much as I would have liked,
the kids all loved their
festive "prom props!"

And since they all say it...
I figured I would add
"I freakin' love you"
from the famous "Yippee Skippee" stamp set.

And what is prom without a
precious momento to remember the
fun with friends that was had?!

always to the rescue!

I used the "swatchbook" selection
in MDS to create one tag
(front and back)
for my daughter and each friend.

Because the "swatchbook" pages
are printed and delivered with a
punched hole in them,
these pages make for great

I can hardly wait for my daughter
to share these sweet charms
with each of her buddies!

You seriously MUST try
You know you're curious!
And if you already have it...
trust me... there is SO MUCH to learn!

I can introduce you to a whole new world
of memory keeping with MDS.
Let's get together at Coffee Crossing
and I will bring my laptop...
you just bring your smile and
be ready to enjoy yourself!
But you have to contact me and
make it happen... let's get it on that calendar
before anything else keeps you from
having a bit of fun "me time!"

Thanks so much for dropping by today!

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