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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Work of Art... Simple & Simply Beautiful

I know I know...
all ya'll stampin' freaks like me
are thinking, "Seriously? That is SO SIMPLE!"
And you'd never guess I have applied
for the Artisan Award with Stampin' Up!
based on the greeting card above.
I know I know.

But hear me out...
he he he...
sounds like I'm running for office.
And I suppose I am.
to be a part of the Stampin' Up! Artisan Team
and here's why...

An artist by nature may utilize rubber stamps
as a medium within the realm of their artistic choices.
An artist by CHOICE will realize rubber stamps
are tools for them to be true artists.

Rubber stamping opens the door to
artistic abilities for EVERYONE
-not just the natural artists.
It is in my very being
to show EVERYONE how to utilize rubber stamps
(and all that goes along with them)
to create not only fun and beautiful designs
which ANYONE can create
but to also create the FEELING in
EVERYONE which tells them
they do not have to be an artist by nature
to be naturally ARTISTIC.
Rubber stamping can do that for

THAT is why I enjoy stamping

So the first card you see above
just makes me smile
because it is one that will prove to the
"I don't have time to stamp" stamper
that they DO indeed have time.
It's simple...
and it says exactly
what the sender needs to say...

But step it up a bit
with the following (quick and easy) additions
and the "simple" card becomes

Just a few stamped dot images
which is all part of the
"Work of Art" stamp set
and this card is already well on its way
to being a real "work of art."

The biggest "swish" image in the set
stamped several times on a
piece of Whisper White card stock
and then punched with the
Petite Pennant Punch
along with some Burlap Ribbon
(trimmed and de-threaded)
and WOW...
the card becomes even more artistic!

Still all of these steps in "stepping it up"
are quick and easy...
and able to bring out the artist in

I enjoy creating pieces that will
make someone say "wow"
and possibly THINK, "I could never do that."
And then...
I enjoy SHOWING them

How about you?
Do you "feel" like an artist?
Want to create these beautiful cards?
I'd love to show you how!

Let's get together at the
where you will create BOTH of these
LOVE YOU greetings in a
SET OF TEN... five of each color
for just $15
(all supplies included in class fee.)

Email me today to choose
your CARD CAFE date and time.
We'll meet at Coffee Crossing in New Albany
(or the location of your choice.)

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you have a "simply beautiful" day!

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