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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Sheet Wonder Tutorial

Just the other day, I was stamping with a client
at Coffee Crossing (our local coffee shop).
A group of gals (who obviously knew my client)
approached our table and began chatting.
One of the gals (noting our stamping)
immediately said, "If I did that
it would look like a second grader did it."


If I had a nickel for every time I heard
that LAME excuse about
making something as simple as a
hand stamped card... I'D BE RICH!

Let's see... what is another excuse
I could get rich from hearing...
"I just don't have time to do that."

I can kind of relate (kind of.)
My summers are so crazy busy!
Time to do ANYTHING becomes an issue.

If you have ever thought
either of the two excuses above,
I seriously invite you to allow me to

Did you visit "Always Stampin'" yesterday
when I posted THIS POST with which I used the

When I am pressed for time or
simply can't come up with a new idea,
I turn to the classics...
classic techniques AND classic cards.

Some people may say the card in this post is
But listen...
"simple" not only gets the job done,
it gets it done sweetly and completely.
Wouldn't you rather send a card to a friend than
to WISH you had sent a card to a friend?!
Simple stampin' is always better than
"wishful stampin'!"

is my absolute favorite way to stamp
in the summertime (or any of the busy times of life.)

Here's how it all goes...

First, select three to five image stamp sets
to become known as your OSW go-to sets.
Three of my OSW go-to sets are...


Basically any stamp set will do.
Although sets that have a large image
along with two or three smaller images
work better than sets that have
all the same sized images.
The OSW Technique tends to look better
with "bold images" rather than "fine line" images.

Next choose three to five different ink colors
(or as many as needed according to
how many images will be used.)

For my example, I am using

As seen in the photo above,
stamp one image in one color all over the card stock,
leaving room for the next image in another color.

Continue stamping each image in a different color
all over the entire sheet of card stock.

Once you have utilized the images of choice,
it's time to "FILL THE CARD STOCK."

To "fill the card stock,"
I will either utilize the smallest image chosen
and STAMP OFF the lightest ink color used.
If the stamp set does not include a "smallest image,"
I will SPONGE the remaining "white space"
of the card stock until very little white can be seen.

At this point, I always end up freaking out just a bit.
It always looks like I "went too far" and
used too many colors or stamped way too much.

Not to worry...

The next part of the OSW Technique
really depends on the project at hand.
Because my post is about
"Summertime Stampin'"
and how most of us have very busy summers,
I am focusing the trimming of my
card stock based on my own summertime stampin'.

I like to have OSW strips already
stamped and trimmed...
ready to apply to a card when I am in a hurry.

As seen above, trim the 8-1/2" x 11" card stock
to TWO pieces measuring 5" x 8-1/2".
One 1" x 8-1/2" strip will remain.

After that, trim both 5" piece to SIX pieces
measuring 2-3/4" x 5".
The 1" strip can be trimmed in half at 4-1/4".

I keep a little 4" x 6" photo album near my table
to store all of my OSW strips together.
This way, my strips are stamped, trimmed,
and ready to grab for the using.
And the little photo album stores nicely anywhere. 

Lastly, add the OSW strips to a greeting card.
Sign, seal, and deliver for instant happiness!

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you found this tutorial helpful and inspiring.
Summertime blessings!

Stamps:  Be the Star
Inks:  Real Red, Pacific Point, Tempting Turquoise, Hello Honey, Cherry Cobbler
Card Stock/Papers:  Whisper White, Real Red, Pacific Point  
Tools:  Decorative Label Punch, 12"x12" Trimmer
Other:  Real Red 1/8" Taffeta Ribbon, Rhinestone Basic Jewels, Dimensionals


Anonymous said...

Best tutorial on One Sheet Wonder cards I've ever read. Thanks.

Late Blooming said...

One sheet wonder is a time saver for sure.thanks Kelly and keep up the good work.

kellyjean said...

Thank you both so much for stopping by "Always Stampin'!" And thank you for the sweet words of compliment! What a blessing! Thank you!