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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to... NORMAL?


I always have to giggle to myself when
we take a break (for whatever reason) from
our day-to-day routines and then
get back to the "daily grind" and say...
"Time to get back to 'normal.'"

Just what IS "normal" anyway?! HA!

It's been forever since I've posted!
I was trying to be recognized by the
"Artisan Award gods"
so there was a post nearly here on
Always Stampin'
nearly... every... single... day.
I gave up when I realized I didn't have a
stampin' chance, wink.

We had some rough family experiences that
led right into me leaving for convention.
It's been a bit crazy around here.
One thing I can always count on...
my Stampin' Up! business!

Whether I decide to stamp as a
full-time demonstrator,
a part-time demonstrator,
a "part" part-time demonstrator,
or a hobbiest demonstrator...
I know my business is right
where I put it and I can pick it
right back up whenever and however
I love that!

I flew out to Utah a bit early
for Stampin' Up!'s annual convention,
to meet up with some friends for
a bit of "pre-convention fun."

It really was a ton of fun!
I offered this TRIANGLE CARD and
at a Stamp Camp we offered to the group.
(Tune back in soon for a
written/photographed tutorial!)

Merun was my lovely assistant and
she was a BLAST to work with!
I'm so glad we now know one another!

We had "WOW" demonstrations
and "Shoebox Swaps" before
the real fun even began!

I can honestly say I brought home
just as many wonderful ideas
from our "fun before the fun"
as I did from convention!

Check out this adorable little guy...

I apologize for not getting the name
of the artist who offered
this super duper cute little gift bag.
If you happen to be viewing,
please share your name in the
comments or feel free to
email me...

Getting together with friends was
a great way to begin the week!

Project Life was the
HOT HOT thing at this year's

If you have not experienced
Becky Higgins'
then you are REALLY missin' out!

No more slaving over "scrapbooks!"
Project Life is all about
Get those photos in an album...
and have fun doing it...
and doing it
REALLY FAST while you're at it!

I will soon be announcing my
soon so be on the lookout for the post!

One of my absolute favorite things
about Stampin' Up!'s annual convention is
I love how I feel when I am with
my Stampin' Up! demonstator friends!

I loved bumping into both
Wendy and Denise!
We all share the privilege and honor
of designing for the wonderful
Amy Johnson and Stampers Xpress.
I am so humbled to be on
the same panel as these ladies
as well as the other gals who serve also.
I just love them to pieces!!!

Notice anything about my dress?
He he he... yup...
Stampin' Up!'s NEW IN COLORS!
HA! No one even noticed at convention.
he he he
Hubby picked it out and I was all like,
"Wha?! Those be my new colors!"
It was so funny!

This was probably my fave tip
taken home from the week's event!
(It's funny how one teensy tip makes it
all worth the expense! HA!)

Make a "swish" of color with the
new and fabulous
onto card stock.
Squirt a dab of hot glue over the swish.
Voila! Instant embellishments!
How fun!

I have a ton more photos
but sadly my camera is being
a bit wonky at the moment.
Hopefully I will have a post
in the near future to share more about
Stampin' Up!'s fantastic

See ya soon!
(Sooner than my previous post,
I hope. wink)


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Hetty Jones said...

Hi Kelly Jean - I think it is not on card stock, but on the silicone pad we have - then the glue will dry on it and come off easy!