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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


okay okay... realistically, not everyone
can attend my birthday party...
but those of you who know me well,
I REALLY hope you will come!
Just ask for details...

The rest of you can still
celebrate with me
and I will be announcing how
in an upcoming post.
Be sure to check back often so
you won't miss a thing!

To be quite honest with you,
I very much dislike birthday parties...
FOR ME, that is. HA!
Birthdays are my favorite holidays!
(especially Christmas!)
I love celebrating other people...
but I really really really don't like
being center of attention.
So this birthday party that I have planned
is REALLY stepping outside
my comfort zone!
I have a bit of a twist planned
and am hoping that will
allow me to stand sweetly behind
a little curtain (so to speak.)
You will hear all about it

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope you enjoyed my
version of a seriously simple invite
(fist photo: because let's face it...
they're just going to throw it
in the garbage, right?!) and
a super fun birthday card
(second photo.)
Honestly, simple is sensational...
it's better than nothing at all
for those of us who really
don't have a ton of time most days.
But to take a simple card and
"step it up..."
wow... it's really and truly
not THAT much more time or effort!

So go ahead...
stamp something simple today!
OR be daring...
and step it up a notch!!!
I dare ya! I single stamp dare ya!


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