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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Triangle Christmas Tree Card

Um... IKR... SO cute?!
Not braggin'... don't get me wrong.
Usually, when I make things all about me,
they go completely...
(insert fart noise made with lips!)
Yup... so when something
does turn out right... or nice...
I know, without a doubt,
it's the
through me!

Did you catch
yesterday's FREE TUTORIAL
on how to make these
super duper cute

Keep scrolling or just click
on the underlined words above.

To create my "tree" card,
I simply trimmed 1/2" off the bottom
of my nearly finished card.
Added a stump
(be sure it will fit into the
Triangle Envelope
and close adequately)
and VOILA!
Super cute!
Super fun!

Thanks for dropping by!

PS... Do you know the Spirit
I talked about in this post?
1 (800) NEED HIM

1 comment:

Anneke said...

Wonderful idea. Beautiful christmas card.
Thanks for inspiring me and letting me see how you made it. Anneke.