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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A little more personal...

Wow... there was an overwhelming
response to my post about my friend's
book launch for her book titled

Most of the response was to my sharing
more than the actual book itself.
Thank you ALL who commented with
such sweet words of encouragement
as well as humility about
posting/not posting comments.
You encouraged my heart.

I tried to respond to each comment
by also adding a comment
so you may want to revisit that
particular post and view those comments.

Today I am leaving to participate in an
Emmaus Walk.
Prayers are certainly welcomed.
I am easily prone to migraines
and that is the biggest request...
Please pray
that I don't experience a migraine
every... single... day.
The elements will be so right for me
to experience at least one but
quite honestly, every day.

When my sleeping pattern is off
(aka sleeping in a different bed),
I tend to get a migraine.

Certain perfumes will trigger
a migraine for me in an instant.

And then there's the weather...
the retreat is in a "camp" setting so
being within the Fall trees and
such will cause my body
to be more apt to get a migraine.

I have medication
but it can make me REALLY sleeping.

So there ya have it...
a bit more personal info
along with a heartfelt request.

Now tell me...
what prayer request
do YOU have fore me?
I would love nothing more
than to pray for those who have
stopped my little place on the web!
Be sure to leave your email address
with your comment
so I can contact you personally
with a prayer.
Or feel free to remain anonymous
and know (without a doubt)
will be still be lifted to the
One Who knows all the details.

I hope you will check out my post
about the book
"It's His Show."

I plan to share more about the photo
in today's post at a later time.
For now, hop over to
and discover a bit more for yourself.

Thank you for visiting!

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