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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's His Show

This post will remain at the top of my
blog for just a bit longer than usual.
Feel free to scroll down
for today's daily post.

This post is a bit lengthy,
but well worth it
...you'll see!

I don't usually post about happenings
of my personal life here on my blog
simply for the reason that
I originally set up this blog to share creativity
through art of rubber stamping and paper arts.

From time to time
I may share a recipe or two.
That is always fun.
But to be quite honest,
I don't have many followers
(compared to most paper artists I know)
and I only have comments show up
when there is a freebie to be won.

So sometimes, I wonder if
my blog is getting any real message
out and about to begin with.

THAT (and this) is why I rarely share
anything from my personal life.

I'm the kind of person who
gets my feelings easily hurt when
I've put my heart out on a limb
for others to land and rest there awhile
just to have them poop in the
nest of my heart and leave.
I know... dramatic words, right?
They're intended to be a bit
on the funny side as well as the honest side.

Most of the time,
people simply misunderstand me.
And then many times,
it's me doing the misunderstanding.
So to avoid getting hurt...
or to avoid being misunderstood and
possibly hurting someone else,
I simply keep my sweet little heart
in the tree instead of putting it out on a limb.

I'm breaking my personal silence today
to share with you something
I strongly feel God has ordained in a mighty way.
(See, it really doesn't have to do with "me"
personally so I feel a bit safer by sharing. wink)

I had the privilege to pre-read
written by
Colleen McKain (with Chris McKain).

The book is about to make its debut
and I highly recommend it to
each and every one of you who
happen to stop by
my little creative spot here on the web.

Everything I do,
I try my very best to do it
to the glory of God the Father.
I fail miserably
And yet,
He is glorified because I have tried.
He still loves me... even though I fail.
He ALWAYS takes me back.
Not that I go off on little
sinning sprees just to go back to
the Lord when I feel good and ready to,
but that I try and try and try
and realize at some point, somehow...
I've drifted from the very thing
I was trying so hard at in the first place.
THAT is when I realize
just how far I've drifted from
my heavenly Father
and I actually need Him most.

(Good grief! I've went and shared
some personal stuff when all I wanted to do
was promote the book already! sigh)

is all about a couple who had drifted
while literally staying as close
to God as anyone could ever get.
How's that even possible?!
To actually stay so desperately close to God
and yet drift so far away that
He is nowhere in sight.
Or is He???

Now I have tears as I type...
and this is why I only share my creative side
here at "Always Stampin'."
I just couldn't function if I had to
type and cry all of the time.

If you want to know how far
God's grace can reach.
Or even if you just want a "good read,"
look for and pick up
"It's His Show."
Click HERE to order.

I predict
(or prophecy, whichever you prefer)
there will one day be a movie
based on the story of
Chris and Colleen McKain.
THAT is how good this book is!
Don't wait for the movie!

And don't let yourself
drift so far away that you don't
realize the Lord is standing right next to you
...and He always has been.

Thanks for reading... I know it's out of my norm.
And thanks for visiting...
you have no idea how much I appreciate YOU!
Should you feel a desire to share your heart
by leaving me a sweet comment,
I promise I won't poop in your nest, he he.

Blessings ALWAYS,

PS... The McKains know nothing about
this post or my review.
This is not a "paid advertisement."
(Although Colleen is a friend of mine,
she is not a paper artist and has no desire
to enjoy the art of paper encouragement,
therefore would never read my blog.
I tell you this so that YOU know this post is
sincerely from my heart.
It is not to receive payment of any kind.
And it is not to please or impress anyone...
I simply hope to encourage your heart
with the contents of this book.)


Linda Pittman said...

Thanks for sharing your heart, I am there with you with my heart buried in the tree, having your nest pooped on and crushed is not fun. Been there, done that, got the tshirt. i also understand about the blogging, it feels like no one ever notices when I post so it is easy to think why bother. So I left you a message to let you know that someone does read your blog and understands ! Love all of your projects and I appreciate you sharing your creativity with us!

Cathy said...

Kelly I just want you to know I really enjoy your blog. I follow about 10 different artists and rarely post a comment but your post today has made me realize how selfish that is and I am going to change. Thank you for sharing your heart today. The Lord is with us believers all of the time, even when we turn our back and don't see Him in our lives. He loves us more than we can possibly imagine. When will the book be available?

Chriserendipity said...

Kelly, thank you for sharing your personal faith. This sounds like a wonderful book...and isn't it wonderful to know that all because of Jesus we can go "back" to God? Praise be to God!

Bobbi Miller said...

Kelly, I am so glad you posted this today, and although I don't comment a lot on any blog... your post today makes me want to. What a wonderful way to feel...humbled and in a Loving God's arms. We are all that way I suspect, even when we "forget" that He is always here for us, mo matter if we do right, or wrong. Sometimes we need that reminder and today, you have reminded me. I am going to get this book, simply because you suggested it, and also because I need it. I talk to God each and every day; I thank Him for allowing me another beautiful day that HE has created for us. At church today, we heard "Love God first, then love your neighbor as you love yourself". Well Ms. Kelly, I love YOU for reminding me of what's most important. Hugs my friend!

kellyjean said...

Love the T-shirt part of your comment, Linda! And love you dear friend! Thank you for your words of encouragement and for always inspiring me! You're the BEST!

kellyjean said...

Cathy, how very sweet of you to share your heart with me! Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate your words but consider you to be far from selfish for sharing as you have. Your words made me consider how we can consider God's Word a type of blog... how often do we read it/study it/hear it and then walk away without "leaving a comment" aka DO what it says (James 1:22)?! Thank you, Cathy! You have inspired me :)

kellyjean said...

Chriserendipity... love your screen name!!! And I love love love how you put it... "because of Jesus, we can always go BACK to God..." perfect way to put it, sister! Thank you so much for visiting and saying hello! Biggest hugs!

kellyjean said...

Bobbi, very well sad. Very well said, indeed! Thank you for your kind words. My heart feels squeezed :) If you have found any encouragement or love through my sharing, then glory be to the Father! Thank you again and again for your sweet comment!!!

Nicole said...

I really enjoy checking in everyday to see what you have posted for the day. However, I am guilty as charged for not posting. I think that in our busy lives we look and if it benefits us, the viewer, then we post a comment. I will say that adding the personal touch sometimes draws your viewers in closer because then we get a glimpse of who as a crafter you really are and that makes a bond. Anyway, even though I don't always comment just know I am lurking out here looking at your awesome site. Thanks for all you do.

kellyjean said...

So sweet of you, Nicole, to comment and say such sweet things. Let me back up a bit... I don't refrain from posting personal tidbits because of the lack of comments on my blog. I refrain because I'm not sure who all is reading my blog and I simply don't feel comfy sharing my heart with just anyone. I'm not sure I've said it well enough even now but does that make better sense? It doesn't hurt my feelings that no one comments. It hurts my feelings when people leave negative comments because perhaps they've misunderstood my sharing of my personal data. Therefore, I just don't share... avoid being misunderstood, hurt, misunderstanding, and hurting someone else. Make sense? I almost never comment on others' blogs. So there's no way I would be hurt or offended if others don't comment on mine. Thank you for your sweet words and for stopping by :)!!!