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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Migraines Suck Lemons!

Yup! They do!

I remember when teaching the
Junior Class of CBS
about the story of Job,
I said to them...
taken from him... EVERYTHING!
It really sucked!"
And about fifty sets of
home-schooled teenage eyes
all bugged out at me like
I had told them all to go straight to...
well, you know.
I laughed
(because I am sure their sa-weet momma's
told them to never say the word "suck.")
So I quickly came back with
"What?! It sucked LEMONS!
Have you ever tried to suck a lemon?!
It's really not as easy as you think...
even for those who love lemons.
Sucking a lemon... well, kind of sucks."
Of course, at this THEY all laughed.

It's true, ya know?
Some things in life just simply suck.
They "suck the life right out of us."
Or they "suck us into"
things we'd rather not be a part of.
Some things just SUCK LEMONS!

I suffer from migraines.
Many of my "creative" friends do.
I'm here to tell you, dear one...
there is One Who can cause you to be
JOYFUL in your suffering.
No, it doesn't make the pain go away.
And no, it doesn't even help ease the pain.
But it does give great COMFORT
in knowing the One true SUPPORT for
those of us that suffer.
Knowing that one day all of my pain will be
relieved and I will shed not one more single tear,
gives me great comfort and encourages
me to look forward to my future...
my "migraine free" future!
Do you KNOW HIM?
Do you know the support I have in
Jesus Christ?

Whether you suffer from migraines
or any other great pain,
check out this number...
and know that *I* know
what you are going through
really "sucks lemons."

*big HUGS*


Plamnito said...

I needed to read this, thank you!

kellyjean said...

Awe, that's awesome, Plamnito! I'm so glad you found a nudge of encouragement here. Thanks for visiting and for commenting. Hang in there, dear one!