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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Home Ornament Card

Sooo... something "snapped" this weekend for me.
I am determined to get back to my basics!
I use to begin my days with


but lately and for a long time, I simply have my devotional time
and then sort of "bump" around my husband and kids
until they are off and out of the house.
Since my office is here at home and I am my own boss,
I can start my workday whenever I decide to do so.

Working from home can be a blessing
AND a curse!
If the house is a mess (and it usually is), I want to clean.
If the laundry is piled high (and it usually is), I want to wash.
If my favorite show recorded last night and
I didn't have time to watch it, ugh...
You see where I'm going with this, right?

My exercise time and creativity time both have
suffered severely because of my morning changes.
So this morning, I jumped on SCS
and picked up my absolute favorite challenge...
The card you see here was the result of my participation.
I have to say, I likey!
And my day began on a super high :)

Don't let the name fool ya!
SCS "challenges" should really be called SCS "encourages!"
They encourage my creative juices and help me to think quickly.
I try my best not to put too much time into them.
And I don't always post the items I've been inspired to create.
Have fun with it and simply add a bit of creative to your day.

So here is my challenge to YOU...

Share your top three "morning starters" in the comments
and encourage/inspire me (and my readers.)

Thanks for visiting!
Have a creative day!


Carla Keith said...

Thanks for this reminder. My best creative time is in the morning, also, and I have been frittering it away. Good heads-up from you.

kellyjean said...

Thx for the comment, Carla! Seems you and I are kindred spirits ;)

Seems the older I get the slower I move... I like to think I am becoming less stressed... ya know, more relaxed about the day ahead of me... HA! I'll admit it, I just don't focus like I use to. THAT is going to change for ME :)

Have a creative day!