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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way...

No... not to the forum. HA!
A funny thing happened on the way to Bible study last night.
(More about that "on a more personal note" below.)
First, let's chat about how ab... SO... lute... ly ADORABLE
this stamp set ("From the Herd") is!!!
The llama gets me... every... single... time!

Would you believe I colored everything in with
Yup! Easy peasy!
I like to go "light to dark" and then
"back to light" again when I use the "Blendies."
The sets I used on this cute card are
Daffodil Delight
Coastal Cabana
Old Olive
and the Neutrals.
The "On Film" Framelits and Big Shot Machine
really set off my focal image.
There's really nothing else to this adorable card.
Super fun! Super cute!


On a more personal note...
I made this card to send to some friends who own a Chick-fil-A store in one of our fave shopping areas. Every time we visit, they treat us to a free meal... "on the cow." HA! It's always unexpected because we keep telling them to stop it. THAT is just the kind of people they are. They are super duper nice... and always thinking of others.

Here's the "funny thing that happened on the way" to Bible study last night... I was running late and so I texted my dept lead, the other gal in my dept, as well as the entire group leader (who was out of town but I wanted to be sure someone got my text.) I was only going to be about four minutes late but the doors get locked at starting time SHARP. Wellllll... the other gal wasn't going to be there and so there was no way she could unlock the door for me. Sigh... here's the rough part for me to handle... my lead never answers my texts. It's very frustrating. I had only one other gal's number in the group and (for some strange reason) did not think to text her. So here I am... standing in the cold (it really wasn't that cold but ya know... the more you're out in it, the colder it gets) trying to hunt down numbers of everyone in our group. I texted six different people! Twenty five minutes later... someone FINALLY came to the door in a frantic effort to let me in. They said all of the texts came at the exact same time, he he he. Funny, right?

But my spirit wasn't laughing. My spirit decided to hold onto the fact that my lead never texted me back when SHE got her text nearly forty minutes before everyone else when I texted her to let her know I was going to be late in the first place. (I found out the next day from someone in our group that she had received my first text.) Just text me back already! AND... don't make me stand out in the cold for so long! -Did I mention my spirit was a bit unsettled by this? :)

Ya want to know the deal of it all?

If I am truly living by the Words of John 3:30, then my spirit should be forgiving of my lead even when she doesn't text me back... ever... always. So I tried to focus on this Scripture until THIS happened the next day...

I recently participated in a Christian retreat (very popular... been around for ages) and made quite dear friends while on the retreat... or so I thought. Every time we group text one another, MY messages get ignored. That is, they're ignored until I say something like, "Are ya'll getting my texts?" Then someone pops up with "oh sure, love ya" or something to that nature. Even when I ask for prayer... nodda... nothing... crickets... until I ask if my texts are getting through. Otherwise, they (the other gals in the group text -there are about six of us) chat away with each other. Sigh!

So I THOUGHT I was focusing on John 3:30 until the little group texty-thingy today and then guess what happened?! Ya, my spirit decided to remember what my Bible study lead did last night by ignoring my text! What the hexagon, spirit?! Stop it already!

I just don't like being ignored, especially by fellow Christians. I used to think this verse meant "He increases. I decrease... but I don't completely disappear, right?!" Well, actually... if we truly understand Isaiah 64:6 which talks about our best behavior (aka reasons to be "noticed") as nothing more than rubbish, then we understand how we should be completely alright with decreasing to the point of disappearing. If it means Jesus Christ and His saving Grace being recognized by others THROUGH us... then we should WANT to disappear altogether.

Well, there ya have it, KellyJean... Truth. I want to live John 3:30 bigger than I ever have before which means I shouldn't just be "alright" with being ignored, I should actually INVITE it... so as long as I know with all my heart Jesus is being seen in me. The easiest way (I have no doubt) for me to implement John 3:30 in my life in a greater way, is to be more like my "Chick-fil-A" friends... caring more about the needs of others than I do of my own.

Do you ever feel "ignored," "excluded," or "invisible?" Check out the story of Hagar and know that our compassionate God SEES YOU and CHERISHES YOU just as He did Hagar when she had been "kicked to the curb." Another great example of how God sees us is the one of Hannah. Notice Hannah's great faith in what she does to tell our amazing God "thank you."

Thanks for visiting, dear friend. I never want to ignore you. Please feel free to email me if you need someone to take notice of just how wonderful you are... how do I know this? Because I know the Wonderful One Who created wonderful YOU. Blessings!


Cathy said...

Thank you! I too struggle with feeling ignored at times. I am definitely in that time right now and so needed to hear this! Thanks for sharing your struggles so I too can grow. :)

mamajulie said...

I always have a problem with mean behaviors. It usually means that the people who do them to you are so self-involved that they cannot spare even one minute to think about others' feelings. And amazingly, some of those people are Christians who profess to love everyone, but can't be bothered to open a door. We all know that Christ was always thinking of others and how to help them. If this group continues to ignore your feelings and treat you shabbily, maybe it is not the group for you.

kellyjean said...

Kindred spirits, Cathy... and that squeezes my heart in a happy way! You hang tight, sistah! Big hugs! Thank you for your comment.

kellyjean said...

"mamajulie," have you been chatting with my daughter?! hehehe. She too wonders why I "stick around."

Here's what I tell her... because Jesus did. That's pretty much the bottom line but who am I to enjoy "one liners," hehehe. So I usually add this... I have my faults and whew! are they NOT pretty. Grace is the gift of overlooking faults... Jesus did. AND... the downright truth to the matter is that THIS Bible study is so well designed that I have learned more about Jesus and His love for me than any other Bible study EVAH... evah (ever)! That is the honest truth. If you are interested in knowing more about this particular study, please feel free to email me... kellyjeanstamps@gmail.com -I have no doubt there is one near you since there are nearly 700 in the US alone.

Having said all of that, let me end with this... YOU ARE WONDERFUL to me!!! Thank you so much for commenting! You have no idea how much I appreciate your words of encouragement and the time you took to share your thoughts with me. Keep encouraging and grow in Jesus, sister :)