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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Creative Blog Hop and Make It Monday Classes

My dear friend, Kim Bolzenthal,
invited me to post for the
CREATIVE BLOG HOP this week... how fun!

On Monday, February 2
we will be stampin' up these adorable gifts
at the MAKE IT MONDAY Class
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany.

Email for details or to register...


On a more personal note...
I am to answer some questions for the
so here we go...

1. What are you working on?

1. I'm working on transforming my studio from the "quick we're having a New Year's Eve party" store-all-junk-in-here closet BACK into my beloved studio where I could literally live if it only had a bed.

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

2. My work differs in that I am not an artsy-fartsy designer. Oh, I can be artsy (and fartsy but only when trying to impress my teenage son. HA!) For the most part, I design samples that are extremely "DO-able." I want anyone and everyone to look at my offerings and know without a doubt they can remake it and with as very few (if any) instructions as possible. This way the not-so-avid stamper can feel good about their accomplishments and the stampin' freaks can freak out by taking my samples to the next artsy-fartsy level.

On another note of what makes me different is how I enjoy "stamping (or thinking... it's really the same thing, isn't it?!) outside the box." I love the challenge of coming up with unique folds. And I LOVE using Big Shot tools for every way possible OTHER THAN the way they are actually intended. For example, if a BSM die is intended to make a box then I am going to show you how to use that same die to create a mini album. You get the idea?

3. Why do you create what you do?

3. I create because I believe God, the Father has asked me to be an encourager. Rubber stamping allows me to encourage others to know His Son, Jesus Christ by sharing the example of His love through the gift of giving. Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator allows me to encourage others through the opportunity of teaching and sharing what I know of the paper arts industry. I create what I create because I feel called... and because I can.

4. How does your creative process work?

4. My... brain... never... shuts... down! Honestly! I feel like I am on the verge of a new idea nearly every single day. So my creative process is actually one of simply harnessing the ideas. I realize not everyone feels this way or thinks this way. THAT is why I share. Why beat your brain for ideas when I have plenty dancing around my mine for all of us?!

Having said that, I truly believe many people can be very creative with their thinking process by exposing themselves regularly to well designed, well thought through artistic offerings. Look at creative magazines, fun blogs, SU! catalogs. Do these sorts of things on a regular basis. Along with that, practice makes perfect. Try something new. Attend classes. Find a reason to create!

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