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Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's be BIG SHOTS!

Here's what you'll see at
the very first
BIG SHOT CLASS of 2015...
Sunday, February 15

Monthly Big Shot Classes are always the
second Sunday of each month
(unless otherwise noted due to inclement weather,
family illness, or family vacation.)

for a regular class fee of $15.
(All supplies are included in the class fee but
it is highly recommended you bring your own
adhesives, scissors, and trimmer.)

Membership is NOT required to attend.
Although being a Big Shot Class member has its benefits.
BSC members receive
as well as an exclusive invitation to our
in November!

Registration is required.
Members need not register...
another benefit to membership is
having a Class Kit ready for you even when
you are unable to attend any given

Register TODAY and save your spot...

Class Kits are available by mail.

Can't make it to the
but still want to make these items?
Just pick a date and we can stamp it up
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany
...just me and you OR have a friend or two.


On a more personal note...
I'm always so amazed at how people longingly tell me things such as "You're so talented... I could never do what you do." I try not to be rash with these comments but to be quite honest, it gets on my nerves. Sometimes I think people are trying to "pat me on the head..." ya know, "cute little girl and her 'CRAFTS'" and other times I think they might be trying to "pat me on the back..." but at THEIR expense (by basically putting themselves down.) I'm not sure which it is for most people but I can't stand being "patronized" (definition:  verb... treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.) and I really don't like it when people compare me to themselves in a negative way.

I know I shouldn't let these things get to me... and I work on them not getting to me... every... single... day. I really do beat myself up because hearing things such as this "urk" me so badly... and I don't want to be "urked" with or by anyone. AND I am sure I am victim to trying to compliment people from time to time and do so in a weird or annoying or inappropriate way. Trust me, God is definitely working on this girl right here (hand waving high in the sky!)

I wish I could shout to the world these TRUTHS...

1. YES, YOU CAN!!! Seriously, yes you can. Can what? ANYTHING! Absolutely anything! Listen, we're not all cut out to be "anything we want to be" but we CAN at least TRY and discover for sure exactly what we are and are not capable of. I'd love to be a doctor... but I "can't" because I don't have the adequate education. Do I want to be a doctor badly enough to GET the adequate education? No, not really. Therefore, I'm not going to say to a doctor (or my amazing nurse practitioner because she is just as awesome as my doctors), "Oh I wish I could do what you do..." because I really DON'T want to do what she does. Truth.

2. PAY A REAL COMPLIMENT ALREADY! Putting someone down by saying things like, "You're so cute, it makes me sick..." is NOT a compliment. Who wants to make someone sick?! Good grief! If you really think someone is cute, just say they are cute -good grief- and leave it at that. And DON'T cut yourself down at the expense of paying a compliment. No one is looking to you to be a martyr at the time when you're actually trying to build someone else up. Stop saying, "I could never do that..." (already stated above but worth mentioning again) when all you have to say is, "I really admire you" or "You're very good at what you do" etc.

3. TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT! If you really "wish you could do something," then DO IT! If you want to cook like a chef... TAKE A COOKING CLASS. If you want to play a musical instrument... SIGN UP FOR LESSONS. (Again, already stated but worthy saying again but with a little twist.) If you don't really want to do it, don't say you CAN'T. Instead of causing good feelings for the person you're trying to compliment, you're only causing them to feel BAD for you.

I want to be better at paying attention to the good qualities in others. I know for me to be successful at this, I have to step outside myself more often... oooh, there lies the key, I believe. I need to focus less on myself and more on others, especially when I want to pay them a true compliment. I want to be honest with my words. I truly enjoy when others feel good about themselves. Like I said, God has His work cut out on me... but nothing is too great for my great God!

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." Philippians 2:3-4

Thanks for visiting! If you read all of that... whew! Thanks for letting me be a bit winded (while I step down from my little soap box, he he he.) I hope you have a creative day!


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