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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stampin' Kids Class

SATURDAY, February 7

This class is for KIDS OF ALL AGES!

Create this double sided framed art
as well as two more other fun treats
(check back soon for photos).
A class fee of $15
includes all supplies needed to attend.

Register now and save your spot!
Invite your friends...
this class cancels if less than five participants register.


On a more personal note...
Have you ever felt so wrought with agony for someone?
Me too.
"Compassion is more than just FEELING for a person.
It's TAKING ACTION on that feeling."
-Kyle Idleman

Lately, I've been thinking of my missionary friends and especially my niece. I wish I had had more of my own gumption to jump onto a mission trip when I was young. Oh, trust me... I know it's not too late. Unfortunately (well, I guess it's all in how we look at it), God is NOT calling me to the mission field right now. There are lots and lots of other forms of fields God IS calling me to at the moment... a broken marriage, a hubby with a back injury and stomach issues, serving Hospice at the upcoming National Catholic Youth Conference... I know these are fields He is asking me to make sure His grace doesn't get missed (Hebrews 12:15). However... I DO feel the Lord calling me to SOMETHING when it comes to my missionary friends and family. I'm just not sure what it is right now. Then again, I have an "ink"ling... but I am letting myself be filled with fear of failure as well as a fear of wasted time/effort.

If you have a minute and care to check out "Paper With a Purpose" on Facebook, please do. And then pray for my spirit to renew my mind and be obedient. Not to worry, I am praying for the same. A few friends of mine and I presented PWP and had hoped it would take off for each of us in our own communities and circle of friends. We each gave our little mission a different name (thus I chose Paper With a Purpose) and helped one another get started with lots and lots of cards to offer.


Everyone's efforts have seemed to have taken off... and here I sit. At first, it seemed I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do... MAJOR SIGNS and everything... then... nothing... for a long... long time. And now my discouraged heart is questioning whether PWP is what God is asking me to do in efforts to serve my missionary friends and family. 

Yikes! I feel so vulnerable sharing all of this with you... some of you (MOST of you) I don't even know. But if my sharing encourages you to SHARE WITH SOMEONE YOU DO KNOW, then I am happy to be as honest with you as possible. Please don't hide within yourself. Understand that you're sharing may or may not win you a friend for life... but what it will definitely do for you is win you a bit of freedom in your life. And then, the more you confide in someone, the more freedom you will experience.

Truth, my friend. Truth... let it set you free (John 8:32). Always remember you can take what you have inside to the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:28-30). But He knows there will be times when we just need to "spill the beans" already and speak with a touchable person in the flesh. Scripture has many accounts as to how we need each other (Genesis 2:18, Proverbs 17:17Luke 10:1 just to name a few.)

Pray for me and I will certainly pray for you.
Blessings always,

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