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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Triple Decker Easel Card

Have you ever seen anything so cool?!
Swapped this beaut at convention.
My deepest apologies for misplacing the
very talented creator's name.
She even made an "ink"redible coordinating envelope!
WOW... that's just all I can say. Wow!


On a more personal note...
Today's family morning devotional was on
and why we should avoid it.

"But if you show favoritism, you sin and
by law you are a lawbreaker."

Once upon a time, I belonged to a women's Bible study which encouraged
Scripture memorization. One year, the women in charge of the study
decided it would be fun to use and incentive by telling participants
they (the participants) would be invited to a "special luncheon"
IF they (the participants) memorized every single Scripture perfectly.
There was about 12-15 Scripture verses.

tells us to "hide His Word in our hearts..."
THAT is the same as memorizing.
I will be totally honest with you... I am NOT good at memorization!!!
I can recall Scripture and have an idea of right about where it might be in the Bible.
But to memorize each and every address of all of my favorite Scriptures along with ones
I'm being told by others to memorize... OY!!!
I tend to give up and just stop trying.
(Don't do that... give up. Don't give up!)
I'm just not good at memorization. That doesn't mean I don't try at all. I do.

When I shared with my group leader how unfair I thought the luncheon incentive was,
she scoffed at me for not trying hard enough. I intimately shared with her my inability to memorize.
I told her the luncheon incentive seemed a bit "snooty."
And that their may be others like me, either unable to memorize or perhaps some
who lack confidence (for whatever reason) and others who may simply just give up.
She chose one of the group organizers as someone to "compare" ourselves to...
she named how many children she had (at the time, it was five... I now think it's seven),
how she home schools all of her children,
leads a Bible study, and does all the other things in life that she does...
blah blah blah.
I was honestly shocked. 
And I refused to compare myself to someone God was not calling me to be!

And that's just it, you see.
We aren't to show favoritism because GOD is making each one of us perfect.
We certainly can't do it on our own. Only through the gift of His GRACE we are made whole.
And there's no way anyone else can do it for us, especially NOT by comparing us to others.

If you read verse 8, just before James 2:9 you will see it says...
"Love your neighbor as yourself..."
We can look to others for good examples so we can know better how to become
better people, more godly people. But when we (ourselves) even try and
be someone we're not, well... we always fall short.
Comparison never works.
Favoritism simply has no place in becoming who God wants us to be.

If you've read this far, let me tell you who I'd like to compare you to...
I think you're wonderful, dear one!
Some of you I know. Some of you I don't. But I know if you took the time
to read this far into my scrawny little blog of hopeless encouragement,
then I know you are kind enough to give a hoot about others
and you are most likely a bit like me...
searching the Scriptures to become the best "me" (or "you")
God has planned for each of us.
THAT makes you wonderful!

Thanks for visiting!
xo KellyJean

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