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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

YOU are a Blessing in My Life!

Who is a blessing in YOUR life?
I seriously want to know :)
Leave a comment and give a little "shout-out" for them.
They most likely won't see your "shout-out" so
those are actually the best boastings we can share.

My little shout-out goes to my amazing niece.
I know she won't ever read this post but just in case...
I'm not mentioning her name because
I honestly don't think she would want me to.
To be quite honest with you
(oh wait... insert "*** on a more personal note..." wink),
I don't think she likes me much.
She is my husband's niece but I don't see "sides"
when it comes to family & claiming loved ones.
I come from a broken home myself and know exactly
how it feels to be introduced "with distinction"
(aka "this is my STEP grand daughter," etc.).
Who invented the word "step" when
it comes to newly created families anyway?!
What a dumb concept... "step!"
A STEP is something UNDER OUR FEET...
NOT a family member!
Oh wait... back to my niece, he he he.

I honestly don't know why I feel she doesn't like me
other than any time we are around each other
she avoids conversation with me while making sure
she speaks to each and every other person in the room.
She use to spend time with all of her cousins
except my daughter which use to really bother me.
But as she has become an adult,
she tends to speak more to my daughter
which really fills my daughter with appreciation
since she thinks so highly of her cousin(s).

I think my niece is SO the bomb!
She's smart... SO smart.
She is compassionate...
I see it growing in her more and more.
She is GORGEOUS (inside and out!).
And... she is a missionary.
I've told her exactly how I feel about her.
Still... there's that crazy distance between us.
I hate the distance. But... I love my niece.
So that is who I am choosing
to give my little "shout out" to today.

Who is a blessing in your life?
Did you ever think to consider
those who don't always feel like a "blessing?"
Someone once told me we must look for
the blessing in the "sand paper people" of our lives.
They are the ones who God chooses
to refine us... and oh, do I need His refinery!

You will find an interesting article HERE about
the story of Paul and Barnabas in the Bible.
They didn't always get along either...
but they stayed on mission...
and LOVE remained.

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope your day is filled with those
you can call "blessings."


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