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Friday, February 20, 2015

Another "Warm Winnie" Card...

Have you ordered your
These images are super cute
they are created by my very own
(Sometimes I have to pinch myself...
an Eagle Scout son at age 14 and
an artist daughter designing for a stamp co! Wha?!)

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On a more personal note...
Rarely do my "On a more personal notes" ever tie in with my creative post
so read on with interest and love and hopefully
you will find more than inspiration...

Do you celebrate Lent? As of yesterday, we are now in full swing of it. I will be totally honest with you... (you know I always try to be honest... remember, hubby says that's my downfall... and sometimes saying what I think and believe causes me to lose friends... so please... PLEASE know I struggle just like anyone else... be kind with me sharing my heart...) before I married my husband, I thought Lent was only for Catholics. Since he is a "cradle Catholic," he has introduced me to the celebration. And since I have become more familiar with the event of Lent, I have found MANY people of all different faiths celebrate it... differently... VERY differently... but many celebrate it.

HOW do YOU celebrate it (if you do)?

This year, I am personally struggling. Gah... there! I said it! Although it's easy to say "I'm struggling" here since I'm not really accountable to "you." I really have no idea who reads my blog on a regular basis, especially my "On a more personal note" section.

Do you find it difficult to "confess your sins to one another?" (James 5:16)

Catholics have Reconciliation (Confession) in which they are able to carry out James 5:16... and yet, some Catholics find it extremely difficult to attend the rite of Reconciliation. I personally believe it has its ups and downs... (but that is for another discussion... most likely one which involves cocoa and a face-to-face/heart-to-heart, wink.)

My point is this... true confession doesn't involve an "oh by the way, I did this today..." kind of attitude. That's why it's so difficult for us to "spit it out already." God wants the deep... and perhaps dark... "junk" that we carry. And the reason it's so difficult to actually admit it is the shame that comes with it. Along with the shame is the desire to just KEEP IT... "If I admit what I'm struggling with, that means I have to GIVE IT UP."

Give it up?! Oh wait... that takes me back to... yup, you guessed it... LENT.

Well, I may have admitted to you, my sweet cyber friends, that I am struggling... but did you notice? I didn't admit WHAT I am struggling with. Sigh. Yeah, we're just not that close- you and me, hehehe (no offense.) I want to admit what I am struggling with... I know I don't need a priest or anyone else to just "spit it out already" because I have His promise of 1 John 1:9. However, I believe God gave us James 5:16 to understand how powerful it is to have a priest... or a friend... or a preacher... or SOMEONE TRUSTWORTHY to help us carry our burden (Galations 6:2). Yes, we can take anything to the cross... any time (1 John 1:9)... but God is so great to know that we will pick it up... again... and again... and... you get the idea. Having a real, live person to "James 5:16" to (or confess our sins to) gives us accountability and support and encouragement and acceptance and... ultimately, the love of Christ.

Will you pray for me? Will you pray that I can let go of my stupid trust issues so that I can feel comfy with "just spitting it out already?!" I will pray the same for you if you happen to struggle with this season of Lent... or simply following through with James 5:16. I don't know about you, but regardless of how badly I want to "keep it" most of the time... altogether, I truly want to just "give it up..." but... as I said... I'm struggling.

Thanks for reading, dear one. Be blessed today!

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