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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Monday, February 9, 2015

Berry Basket Die at the Big Shot Class

We're playing with the super sweet
at the next

THIS SUNDAY, February 15th
at Kelly Corner

Everything you need to make everything seen here
is included in the $15 class fee.
Join the Big Shot Club
plus an exclusive invitation to our

Membership is not required to attend this class.
Please RSVP to save your spot...


Guess what!
How fun is that?!
Aren't these just the cutest little "eggs" to give at Easter?!
I couldn't think of anything better to fill our

You're going to love how fun and easy
this super cute bunny card is to create using the
And how about that
(I'm seriously lovin' this punch!)

Grab a friend and c'mon over to play!
I can't wait to stamp WITH & FOR you!


On a more personal note...

I'm struggling with feeling overwhelmed lately. It's nothing new, really. I tend to feel overwhelmed from time to time... the house becomes messier than usual (and I -sadly- DO NOT have a cleaning service like most of my friends!), schedules don't seem to line up and I feel like I'm living in my car at times, classes to prep, lessons to create, no down time except a bit of TV before bed (to which I end up falling asleep... every single time - good grief!)... throw in a bit of the sicky ickies for either me or a family member (ugh or both)... and that stupid feeling of "overwhelmed" creeps up on me!

Do you cycle with this feeling of being overwhelmed? What do you do when it pops it's ugly little head in on your otherwise peaceful state of being?

I tend to give myself (as well as my family) warning signs... signs telling us, "Um hellooo... someone needs to help Mom do the laundry" and "Does anyone else see the trash is completely overflowing? Or is this a phenomenon that is only visible to "Moms on a wire?!" Then when it all gets to be too much, the explosion takes place... the mom/wife volcano of all explosions... the "I tried to warn you it was coming" explosion. Yup, I yell. I scream. Sometimes I even LEAVE... that's right... I simply grab my keys and leave for a little while... to calm down... clear my thoughts... end the screaming. Sometimes (if I'm really really lucky... oh BTW, I don't believe in luck... it just sounds good to say it, ya know)... sometimes I return to a nice neat and tidy house (because the explosion tends to wake everyone UP.)

Preacher shared this past Sunday a bit about Mark 1:29-39 and how easy it is to slowly but surely become overwhelmed with/in life. He used the example of the "suicidal Lemmings" (mice) and how they become over populated to the point where they migrate toward the ocean and then find themselves entering the ocean unto death. (Oh how funny my attention span can be at times... my ears totally perked up at this part of the sermon... seriously?! Mice do that?! I've never heard of such a thing!) He compared that to how we tend to want more, do more, seek for more... more more more... until... yup, "Mt -insert said name- Explosion" due to being overwhelmed. Ha!

We find in these passages of Mark how Jesus dealt with the onset of becoming overwhelmed... He spent time ALONE, with the Father... in prayer. Plain and simple, huh?

I feel the need to SIMPLIFY... my life, my household, my time. I am on a mission and as I simplify, I am planning to pray. How can you simplify? Want to try it with me? May God bless our time and effort. May we see Jesus in a whole new light as we ask Him to help us avoid that feeling of becoming "overwhelmed."

PS... I had to know more about these crazy mice Preacher talked about so I looked it up on line... NOT TRUE. Disney created a documentary in 1954 which was all some kind of odd hoax. Still, it painted a picture for me that grabbed my attention and made me focus a bit more on Jesus's example of taking time to be with our Heavenly Father. Lesson learned... life WILL get the best of us at times. That's why it's for our good to take OUR LIVES to the Best before things get out of control.

Thanks for visiting! And if you made it this far, I hope my ramblings find you a bit more blessed :)

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