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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hehehe... hilarious, right?!
My Digital Studio offers the brush stamp set
"Find Print"
and in it you will find these very "punny" phrases
perfect for any occasion
especially Valentine's Day!

The card above is a jpeg of a card
I made completely with MDS.
The Valentines below were created for
my daughter using MDS only for the phrases.
The one on the left reads...
with a kiss."

One a more personal note...

Valentine's Day can be very difficult for some people
We get all hyped up about all the "love"
when many people experience great loneliness
on this otherwise happy holiday.

I personally endure loneliness...
not so much during the holidays
because those are the times that are filled
with "obvious" signs of love and acceptance.
My loneliness usually hits me from out of nowhere
during the "off seasons" of the calendar year.
I can only imagine how others
might feel when loneliness consumes them
during both the holidays as well as the off days.

I found a great devotional HERE
which includes the following quote...

"People with tender hearts stay closely connected to the body of Christ, seeking to build up and encourage others in their walk of faith. Such individuals are not only receptive to what God wants to tell them; they are also teachable, in that they are willing to listen and are open to being corrected by others."

If you experience loneliness,
you can probably agree with me that
our hearts do not feel "hardened"
when we are deep in the pit of lonely.
If anything, my heart feels "mushy" and shapeless.
But when we stay there too long...
when we avoid turning to God during the lonely times,
our hearts will go from mush to tough.
That's when it's difficult to make wise decisions
and it becomes easier to hear the enemy.
The quote above holds the key...
trust me, I know!


There it is. The key.
I don't always get "included" or
"appreciated" or even "understood"
in the Bible study I participate in.
On the contrary, there are times when it seems
like many people go out of their way to
cause these things to NOT happen for me.
My daughter sees it and she always asks me,
"Why do you even go when they
treat some people that way?!"

I go because of Jesus... because of His Word...
and because of my relationship with Him...
NOT because of the people.
(Even though I carry hope in my heart
that one day I will go for these reasons as well as
because of the people.)
However, by staying "connected" to
the people in the Bible study,
I have learned more
than I could have ever imagined!
My heart remains soft...
FOR them
It's very interesting how God teaches us when we
"stay closely connected to the body of Christ."

I encourage you to either
GET connected this weekend...
go to church,
join a Bible study,
or simply call a Christian friend
who is experiencing loneliness.
Hear me on this...
you will help to soften their heart
more than you could ever imagine by
contacting them and simply letting them know

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Thanks for visiting,

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