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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome Wynne's WINNIE Stamps!!!

A while back, I announced I had
I'm always amazed to know when people
actually read my blog
because, let's face it... life is just busy.
And if it ain't that interesting,
why waste time, right?!
Don't get me wrong...
I'm not putting myself down or anything like that.
IRL people just don't take an interest in me.
So I figure it's most likely
the same for my offerings here.
I truly enjoy sharing tips, techniques, & ideas
with ALL of you!
AND I actually enjoy sharing
itty bitty pieces of my heart in my
"On a more personal note" section...
(well okay, I'll be honest -
that part makes me feel a bit uneasy. HA)

So if you actually read my posts
and remember me announcing I had
coming soon... WOW, thank you!
Honest to goodness,
I wish YOU and I could sit down for cocoa!
I would absolutely love to hear YOU
chat as though I am reading
YOUR blog instead of the other way around.
I have no doubt your sharing
would fill my heart :)

Are  you ready for the

What do ya think about the images
used in the two cards above?
Pretty adorable, huh?!
Well, my gal (daughter) is quite the artist
and she "doodles" CONSTANTLY.
Check out more of her "doodles" (and art)
on Instagram @a_walk_in_the_art

She wants to be an animator some day.
She is a senior in high school and
is deep in the process of
college applications and college scholarships.
Obviously, she wants a BS in animation.

Here's the thing... very few colleges
offer an official animation degree.
Ya, of course there are schools with
amazing art programs she could attend,
but they still don't offer a BS in animation.
So... what schools do you think offer this degree?
Yup... all of the "far away (from mum)" schools-
California, Florida, New York
Not to worry! This momma is quite hopeful
since there are two super duper schools within
three-four hours from home who offer
a BS in animation and strive to project
their students into the fields of their studies.
So we'll see :)

Hmmm... I think I just shared my
"On a more personal note" section, he he he.
Seriously, I am ecstatic to share this news with you!!!

My gal does love to doodle...
and I love to SHARE.
I can't help it!
That's what parents do, right?!
Believe me, I am NOT bragging.
I just can't help but share things that really excite me!!!
THAT is the honest truth!

I had shared one of her images
on my personal FB page one evening and...
...ya know, that fun little noise that
rings when you receive a FB message :)

It's family movie night but this message
came from a friend whom I've not chatted
with in a long loooooong time.
Korin Sutherland of Sweet'n Sassy Stamps
had "blinged" in on our family movie
to offer my gal A DESIGNER POSTION
with her stamp company!!!

That's right.
My Wynne is now designing her
"Winnie" series for Sweet'n Sassy Stamps!
How cool is that?!!!

Her first two sets shown in the above photo
just released early February
and were delivered to our home
So of course, I decided to play today... 

These images are so fun to use with
If you have yet to invest in a set,
I highly recommend you start.
I would give suggestions as to which sets
 to start with first, but to be quite honest
it's really personal preference.
Although I will tell you this...
the neutrals are a MUST HAVE.
After that, I personally like all lighter colors.
THEN I added the darker sets to my collection.

consider investing in my
Wynne's "Winnie" stamps
Check out "Winnie's Warm Wishes"
and "Winter with Winnie"

I have purchased Scripture images
from SNSS for years and love them!
It would thrill me to no end
if you decided to invest in sweet "Winnie"
and then share with me YOUR cards!
Comment or feel free to email...

Thanks for visiting today.
And thanks for letting this momma ramble on :)

I hope you have a creative day!


Ruthie said...

What an awesome opportunity for a young gal! God is amazing! I love your blog and cards.... I am going to look into Winnie's stamps ..... Love the one of the girl w her hand in the air! You rock!

kellyjean said...

THank you for the fun comment, Ruthie! Her papa and I are super excited for her, for sure! And thank you for your sweet words about the blog and cards... you made my heart smile. I'd love to see what you come up with if you decide to invest in Wynne's "Winnie Stamps" from Sweet'n Sassy Stamps! Stamped blessings, friend!