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Monday, March 30, 2015

Turnip, beet the peas! ...what?!

So how fun is THIS?!
A super cute company I once had my eye on
is making a come back soon...

will be hosting their Grand RE-Opening

and you can see fresh and fun images
here at the "Always Stampin'" blog
and (of course) the Sweet Stamp Shop blog.

I had been given the pleasure
(and honor)
to design with a "yet-to-be-released" image
and I can't wait for you to see it!
OOH (hint hint) it's soo fun!!!

I am hoping to get an "official" spot
since I love how fun and funny
(or PUNNY, I should say)
the Sweet Stamp Shop images are.

Once upon a time I use to design for
many stamp companies.
Although my heart still belongs to SU!,
there is plenty of room inside this
big-O heart of mine for other great companies!
I really miss my design days :)

So the "punniest" thing about my cards here
 is when I stamped the first one (all the way at top),
I didn't realize I had placed the little "the"
Instead of my card saying,
"Turn up the beat,"
it sounds a bit more like my poor little peas
are about to take a beatin' by a turnip!

Too funny!
Everyone on IG and FB told me
they totally read it the right way... but
only after they totally LOLed about it first!
How funny is THAT?!


On a more personal note...

Do you ever share your most embarrassing moments? Isn't it fun to share them with people you know you can trust... (trust to laugh AT you but only because of the actual "moment" and NOT because of you, of course. hehehe)?! Not that I experienced a "most embarrassing moment" with my funny realization for my card(s) in this post... but it did make me think of those funny/embarrassing times and then when we share those times with friends and loved ones. And I smiled.

Think today about those funny/embarrassing times in your life... and have a light heart, dear one.

Thanks so much for visiting! You're the BEST!

PS... I sure hope my doofus card doesn't scare away the Sweet Stamp Shop owners in considering me for their wonderful design team... sigh... hehehe. 


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