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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Silent Wednesday

So today is "Silent Wednesday."
The Bible doesn't mention anything about today.
Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us that some things
God chooses to keep to Himself.
He is certainly entitled to do so!

I find solace in Deut. 29:29...
especially when my heart questions
the tough times in life.
Some things just aren't for me to know.
The HOPE in that verse is that
my Heavenly Father has many things
and those are completely within my reach.
Praise the Lord!!!

I believe today is considered
"Silent Wednesday"
because Jesus was the One and Only Person
Who knew how to truly REST and
spend time with the Father.
I believe this is a special day just for their unity.

I will admit... I am not good at
taking time to truly rest.
I am literally always doing "SOMETHING."
Even if it is watching TV... ya, I know that would
be considered "resting" to some folks.
But it is hardly resting AND spending time
with my most sacred Heavenly Father.
Even doing my Bible study has become a
"check" off my list! sigh...

Don't you just love second chances?!
We have a ga-zillion of them, dear one.
That is what this Holy Week is all about...
a ga-zillion (and One) second chances.
Praise the Lord!!!
Do you feel like you could use a second chance?

Thanks for visiting today!
The butterfly image on my card today
is Stampin' Up!'s "SWALLOWTAIL" and
the cross is "CROSS WITH FLOWERS"
from Our Daily Bread Designs
Happy Easter Blessings, everyone!

PS... if you have BLOG CANDY coming to you,
please be patient a bit longer... see, this is partly
why I need to have a few more "Silent Wednesdays"
in my life... I tend to overbook... and then forget.

1 comment:

Bobbi Miller said...

WOW Kelly, this is gorgeous! Love everything about it and your post is so inspiring. Reminds me to also "rest" and not think about things so much. I need a reminder to let Him handle it, because He always does! Hugs...