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Monday, May 18, 2015

Altered Keepsake Albums

I belong to a parent group called the
for my son and daughter's high school theater dept.

Each year the Back Stage Crew dedicates efforts to
fundraising in hopes of lowering the cost
of costumes for each Spring Musical cast member.
We try to reach the goal of at least 50% if not all of the cost.

It has been a true pleasure and real honor to serve
with this group of amazing parents!
I've always helped with flowers and for the past two years
I've been responsible for merchandising.
Since this is what I graduated with my BS in,
it has been a ton of fun doing it for a cause that is
near and dear to my heart... namely, my daughter :)

This year I decided to not only offer my
merchandising skills but also my Paper Arts skills.
I created ALTERED ALBUMS for the senior cast members.
And they turned out absolutely fantastic!
(...not patting myself on the back... the book does the talking!)

I found the brand new Dr. Seuss book titled
"Seussisms" which contains all sorts of
our favorite Seuss quotes from all of our
favorite Seuss books from when we were children.
Just published this year, it's fabulous!

As you can see by the top photo here in this post,
I added cast photos from the muscial
to several pages of the book.
This is quite an undertaking if you
thirteen seniors to attend to...

The floor of my studio stayed this way for several days.

A cast photo adorns the inside of the front cover.

And I created a "FLIP ALBUM"
for the inside of the back cover.

I invited parents to send me photos
of AFTER the show when family and friends
hugged and complimented their students.
These photos were included in the fun Flip Album.

To create the Flip Album seen above,
simply begin with FOUR pieces of card stock.

Trim each piece to 5-1/2" x 8-1/2".

Then leaving one piece as is,
trim all of the other pieces to measure
1/2" shorter than each other
until you have a "stair step effect."

Score each piece across the top at 3/4".

Hole punch through each and add an office fastener
(which will later be adorned with a
super cute tiny banner.)

Adhere Flip Album into book using
something super strong such as E6000. 

You should really check out all of the fun
SEUSS goodies you can purchase
at my daughter's SOCIETY6 STORE!
She is a fantastic artist and
you can find just about anything you can think of!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you have a creative day!


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