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Friday, May 15, 2015

Freak Out Friday...

I missed my 4th official
because I've been trying to keep up with THIS...

OM! All I can say is...

Today was my baby girl's last day in uniform.
The seniors meet early in the parking lot
on this day to sign one another senior uniform shirts.
What a fun tradition!

I just love traditions.
One of the sweetest things about Paper Arts
is how nicely it fits in with establishing or
adding to an already existing tradition.

My BFF from HS only scrapbooks the "big stuff."
Then on her children's birthdays,
the pull out their albums from the previous year
to look upon their wonderful memories
as part of their birthday celebrations.
Paper Arts... right there in the heart of the celebration.

Teacher Gifts... where would we be without
I can't even tell you how many tags, bookmarks, and
gift boxes I've created for our fab teachers!

Then there are those "special days"
where a card is simply the only thing that one can say.
You know those days...
the loss of a loved one, too young... or too loved.
I have friends who tell me they look forward
to receiving my cards on "those days."

I lov'em!

That is exactly what I hope to initiate with my

traditions for not only my gal and me
but also for YOU, my sweetest visitors!
Inspiration you can count on!
As I create each Wednesday for my girl
while she is away at college,
I hope you will also be encouraged
to share with those around you.
Of course, I would love to help you do so
through the art of Paper Arts!
But if it means you simply create
your own tradition to encourage others,
then I will feel even more accomplished...
and in this we BOTH will make a difference!

So because of all the busy "senior event" hub-bub,
I missed my Wynne Wednesday and
am posting this week's edition today... on my newest 
My baby girl is growing up.

And I couldn't be more excited!!!

Thanks for visiting!
If you have a minute or two,
please share in the comments some of the
traditions you incorporated your Paper Arts.
I'd love to hear from you!

Always stamped blessings,

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