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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of School Treats


So this happened this morning...

Ya know, I love what I do and I love to share what I love.
Sometimes I make up reasons to give special little
paper hugs :)
Most of the time, there's no need to come up
with a reason since there is always (ALWAYS)
something to CELEBRATE!
Wouldn't you agree?!

Obviously, the last day of school is
one of those days when you just have to

Created in just a bit more than ten minutes,
these cards host my favorite memories of the past school year...

The one above was for my son.
I used Extreme Motorcycle and So Cool,
both retired images from Stampin' UP!,
and one of my fave BG (also retired).
When I need a masculine teen card,
these are my "go-to" images.
They are SO fun and make creating a card SO EASY!

This card was for my daughter.
I decided to use a BEE image to wrap up her
HS career as well as kick off her departure for college.
The BEE will be her mascot at SCAD University.

The bees and hive image is from
And the Scripture is from ODBD.

Inside each card I added my fave memories
from the past school year.
There were plenty to choose from as it's been a great year!
But I decided not to think too hard and just choose
the first few that came quickly to mind.
I figured if they stood out well enough to
come that quickly, they must be some of my top fave.
Obviously, the more recent experiences popped up.
I added those also.
It actually took me longer to write my notes
than it did to CREATE THE CARDS!

And what is a special card without a special treat?!!!

I love shopping the day after big holidays!
The best treats and goodies can be found
and then used as special gifts of encouragement.

So Easter candy along with my kids' notes were
placed in their car seats this morning before they awoke.
How fun! Right?!
I heard my daughter squeal when she opened her card door
and my son did the coolish "Cool" so I knew he loved it.

Go ahead! Be creative today and make someone's day!
Don't think too much about it.
Do what you know.
Use the supplies that are close at hand.
It doesn't have to be fancy
to make someone feel special.

And if you'd like to know more about this
"stampin' thing," just contact me
and I will show you really and truly
how EASY (and oh-so fun) it is!


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Itziar Ferret said...

Hello Kelly,
This weekend I have received the shipment. I am very happy. Hare with a card entry and will link your link.
Thank you so much !!!