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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wynne Wednesday #7

As I create this post and schedule it for my next
I am taking a break from the grad parties and
the party planning and the senior events and
all the hoopla going on around me.
My baby girl graduates tomorrow!

People act like they are just amazed at
how well I am "keeping it together."
I can't help but giggle when they say this
or when they ask if I am alright.
I will admit... I am a cry-er... happy... sad...
I'm not choose-y, HA!
There are just certain things that really tug at my heart.
And if I have to SPEAK about something
that tugs at my heart... just forget it!
You might as well buy stock in a tissue company!

But with all of my baby girl's "lasts,"
I really haven't felt the need to "lose it."
I keep thinking I will... but then it just doesn't come.
It's when I am alone in my studio and
and out of the blue... not even thinking about anything
that my tears flow with relenting fervor.
What the hexagon?!
I don't even feel like I'm crying about
my baby girl... I'm just crying!
It feels like it's the dumbest thing.

I'm not crying about all of the amazing "lasts"
because she has an even more amazing "first"
to come our way soon and THAT is when I know
this mum is going to open the flood gates!
Her college is so far away and
that is going to just drive me a bit insane!

So my Wynne Wednesdays are just as much
encouragement for my gal as they are
therapy for ME :)

My WW card today features
some super cute images by
and was totally inspired
by the very gorgeous

I used Copics to color my images and
STAMPIN' UP!'s Happy Heart embossing folder.

I think this one should perk up my gal's day
once she's far far away!
(Pitty me only for my poor rhyming and
not for my pitiful dread for the future, HA!)

Thanks for visiting!
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Let's say... you decide to send someone -anyone-
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I dare ya!
You're going to be amazed at the joy
you will bring... not only to someone else's soul
but to your very own :)
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Sunshine doesn't "just" happen...
Praise the Lord!

Chat with you next time!

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