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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bible Journaling 101

Have you heard or seen the latest and greatest
in the Paper Arts world as well as the World of Worship?!

or simply

I will totally admit... I was so intimidated at first.
Then I found MY nitch
(everyone has one... you just have to find your's.)

I talk about the "nitch" I found and
help you discover your's plus so much more
in my upcoming and ongoing
FREE class of

This class will be held
SATURDAY, AUGUST 22 (10:00AM-11:30AM)
at Coffee Crossing on Charlestown Rd OR
ChickFilA in Clarksville (TBA).
You choose the date/time.
The location will be based on participation.

For more information or to register, email...

Remember... this is a FREE CLASS.
There is no class fee and there is no obligation
to purchase or order any product.
Everyone in attendance will receive a
FREE "Doodler's Kit..."

The object of this class is to introduce the world of
in the form of worship, prayer, and growth.
You will learn the
and WHY
to Bible Art Journaling.
You will be introduced to many forms of
journaling including drawing, sketching, lettering,
and simply note taking.
This class is packed with great information
sure to cause you to dig (or dig deeper)
into the Word of God
which will then cause you to want to
worship more,
pray passionately,
and grow closer to your Creator.

You do NOT need any special supplies
to attend Bible Journaling 101.
You do NOT need a journaling Bible or
a note taker's Bible to attend.
You might want to bring a friend because
being creative is always more fun
when there is more than one!

The other items seen in this post are part of a
Bible Journaler's Starter Kit
which will be available for purchase
at the Bible Journaling 101 class.
This kit is only optional.
It is NOT needed to begin
your Bible Journaling journey although
it might be helpful (and just fun)
to Bible Journalers of all levels.

This Bible Journaler's Starter Kit is $15
and includes the following items...

an English Standard Version of the New Testament.

This offering of NT is packed with great things...
-how to read the New Testament
(I know. I know. It sounds silly to have a "how to"
on an otherwise self-explanatory subject but
you'd be surprised how enlightening this area of the book is.)
-where to find help when you are (fill in the blank.)
-what the NT says about (fill in the blank.)
-a 30 day reading plan.
-a six month reading plan.
-God's plan to save you.

All of the above is packed into this handy compact Bible!

This Bible is not a journaling Bible or
a note taker's Bible so there are no blank pages.
There are some blank areas as well as a 1/2" margin on each page.
This Bible is part of the Starter Kit for you to use
for "practice" before you jump right in and
either art journal in your every day Bible
or before you go out and purchase an expensive
note taker's Bible (which can cost quite a lot).

Other items in the Bible Journaler's Starter Kit are...

-50 (FIFTY) unofficial Project Life cards
(including PL grid cards)
-TWO (2) Project Life pens
(.01 and .05 in size)
-a role of washi tape
(Paper Arts is not Paper Arts without chocolate!)

All of this comes in a handy dandy decorated
hard plastic case which is perfect
for taking with you anywhere the Spirit
may lead you to be in the Word
and jot down a few thoughts of inspiration
or an artful sketch or two or four :)

Once again, email for more details or to register...

Have a blessed day!
Be creative!!!

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